Best and Worst Halloween Foods for Your Teeth

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like most trick-or-treaters that means candy will be top of the mind. Some candies are better for your teeth over others. Dentist certainly don’t like Halloween because sugar can cause cavities, however not all candies are created equal. We put together a list of worst and best hollowing candy for your teeth.


Stay away from gummy candies

Gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, or anything that has a gummy texture is really bad for your teeth. The reason is because the candy gets in between the teeth and the gummy texture sticks on the surface and stays for a long period of time.

Even when you floss it sometimes cannot remove all of the gummy texture. This means that sugar stays on your teeth too long, which can eventually lead to cavities and extreme tooth decay.

Don’t eat taffy

Taffy candy is just like the gummy candy in the sense that the sugary substance stays on your teeth longer and it takes extra long to dissolve in the mouth. Candy itself is not a problem, it is the sugar that stays in the mouth, sugar breaks down on the tooth which can lead it to many tooth problems.

In general you want to make sure you drink lots of water, if you’re eating candy, to rinse out your mouth often.

Eat more chocolate

A better choice of candy would be a solid chocolate such as a milk chocolate bar or a truffle without caramel inside. Pick a chocolate that has a milk base because milk has calcium and can help improve your teeth. Recent research shows accounts of diets rich in calcium can actually help keep your teeth become stronger.

Chew on gum

Another good choice would be sugar-free gum. Gum in general is really good for your teeth because it keeps the saliva flow optimal in your mouth, which means that it can rinse out unwanted bacteria and food particles that collect on your teeth.

Eat fruit

Apples and raisins are also another good choice. You can choose these foods to eat during Halloween because they have less sugar than candy but still are a sweet treat to fill that desire to have something sweet.

Apples have long been used and considered as nature’s toothbrush. Take care of your teeth by eating healthy. This Halloween make smart choices, and you’ll be smiling bright all year long.

For more advice on foods that are good visit Doctor Roane at Roane Family Dentistry, a dentist in West Linn. Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer.

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