Beer: How to get the most flavor from beer

When we talk about drinking beer, the first thing that comes to our mind is gulping it from the bottle. That is what we usually see in the pubs and it does look manly and rugged; but the truth is, drinking beer from the bottle does not let out its full flavour. If you want to experience the true character of beer, you must take into consideration the type of beer and most especially the glass where you drink from it.

Yes, every type of beer has to be drunk in a special type of glass that way its full character will be appreciated. However, you don’t have to exert effort in finding a good glass if you want to drink the light, macro beer that is rice-infused because these beers does not let out much taste and it would still be the same no matter which container you drink from it. Although major brewers advertise these beers as flavourful and satisfying, light beers are not as satisfying as those beers that are properly brewed. Putting the light beer aside, getting the most flavour out of beer can be achieved if you drink it in a glass.

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In order for the beer to release its full flavour, it has to be in a carefully designed glassware that enables it to maximize its head retention and surface exposure. It may appear a little too fancy, but the glassware design has its purpose in letting you enjoy the most flavourful beer. First off, we need to be familiarized with the types of beer. Bitter beer and Ale are the types of beer that have the bitterest flavour because of the high alcohol content. If you want to have a dark and strong type of beer, you can go with Bock, a beer made from malt and has a little sweet tasting. Lager and Pilsner are beers made from hops and the most famous beer is stout, which is made from barley. This type of beer also has high alcohol content and appears dark.

Now you are familiarized with the types of beer, let us take a look at the glasses that are made specifically for each type.

1. Beer stein – This type of glass is commonly named as mugs or the standard pint glasses. This is a best fit for amber ales, porters, stouts and American pales. A beer stein can be carved from wood, porcelain or pewter. Most beer steins have lids in them as to prevent flying insects from getting into the beer. However, glass mugs that we see in the pubs are commonly used but they are still originated from the beer stein.

2. Pilsner glass – This glass has been stamped as the standard beer glass in the US. This type of glass is used for Pilsner obviously, American wheat beers, Kolsch and Hefeweizens. Pilsner glasses has a curved bowl and has a wide mouth that helps form a thick and foamy head which contains the aroma of the beer.
3. Long-stemmed wine glass – this is used for wine-like beers such as Flemish reds and saisons.

4. Goblets – when this is commonly used in wines, goblets are also a best fit for beers such as imperial stouts, barleywines and doppelbacks.

Knowing the types of beers and the different glasses that fits them, you can now enjoy the best tasting and flavourful beer.3

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