A Wine For Any Occassion

Hosting a wine party can be one of the best ways to connect with friends and family. Parties can be had at any time, but a wine party is exciting and sophisticated. A home wine tasting class and allows you and your friends to discover new tastes and joys alike. There is a wine for every occasion and a wine party is the best way to learn that first hand. Try offering combinations of food and wine or simply hold a small wine tasting at your home.

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Wine And Food

Many Houston wine parties are as much about the food as they are about the wine. Eating and drinking go hand in hand. A small food bar can be organized with the wine to allow combinations to be tested at length. Specific cheeses go well with specific wines, so have fun and try any combination imaginable to discover what tastes you enjoy the most. Many dessert wines are considered desserts themselves. However, a dessert wine is often enjoyed alongside of a delicious cheesecake or pie. A wine party can also be doubled with a dinner party. Many wines go well with full course meals, such as spaghetti and a glass of Sangiovese.

Red Wine For A Tasting Party

Most red wines are meant to be enjoyed on their own and without the accompaniment of food. When planning a specific wine tasting party be sure to include plenty of interesting red wines. White dessert wines are good, but red wine is more hearty and able to stand alone as something to be enjoyed. It is great fun to strictly organize the event so that every visitor tastes the same wine at the same time so that it can be discussed afterwards.

When To Use A White Wine

When planning a casual event or dinner it is best to choose something simple. Not everyone is a wine connoisseur. A tasty white wine is often the best choice for a larger event, because white wine is often easier to enjoy when you are less experienced in the field. It is easier to combine white wine with a larger variety of foods than it would be for a red wine. Red wines are often dry and many non-wine drinkers find it difficult to enjoy. Red wine is more of an acquired taste and should be saved for a more specific wine tasting party with other wine lovers.

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