5 Types of Foods To Eat or Drink For Acne Prevention

While some dermatologists may say that food has no relation to why acne develops or aggravates, more often than not, a change in the diet can do wonders for your skin and overall health. Whatever you eat nourishes your body. And the skin, being its biggest organ, is the first indicator of how well you look or feel.

Regularly eating food that is processed, or that contains lots of preservatives, can, as people say, make you sick. But incorporating healthy, and preferably organic food can make your body feel lightweight and stronger. Eating right gives you a healthy glow, which means that your skin is really benefiting the food you eat.

In addition to medical treatment, beauty products and natural products, what you eat can help with acne prevention.

A. Whole Grains

Whole grains, like wheat, oats and maize tend to lower the body’s glycemic levels and help level off the insulin. Instead of eating bread, crackers or cookies, which are filled with refined carbohydrates and sugar, whole grain products are healthier. This is because too much of the insulin from sugar can boost the growth of hormones that can trigger acne breakouts.

Aside from that, whole grains are rich in fiber and can help with the digestive system, thus, doing away with constipation. It lets your body expel the toxins regularly, which then makes your skin clearer and blemish-free.

food for acne prevention

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B. Fruits and Vegetables

For acne prevention, fruits and vegetables in orange and yellow colors —like peaches, potato, carrots, pineapple, mangoes, squash, and pumpkin — are perfect to eat. These types of foods are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene, which repairs skin tissues and helps dry out excess oil, or reduce redness and inflammation. If the medical world has Retinol for skin care, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables would be its natural equivalent.

Green and leafy vegetables, berries, apples and asparagus are antioxidants that naturally fight off free radicals and flush out toxins that may clog the pores. These foods also keep skin youthful, as it helps prevent wrinkles.

C. Fish

The Omega 3 fatty acid component found in fish makes a good acne prevention food, because Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. It works to curb redness, swelling and breakouts, and helps with skin cell re-growth.

D. Nuts

Brazil nuts and cashews that add flavor and texture to food offer similar benefits as fish since these also have high Omega 3 fatty acid content. Nuts are also rich sources of selenium and zinc, which fight off bacterial infection. Acne, after all, is actually bacterial formation that irritates the skin.

E. Green Tea

Free radicals and toxins can damage the skin so badly, and green tea, as an antioxidant, can help eradicate this from the body. Drinking regularly provides the much-needed help that the immune system needs to resist or flush away all these bad elements.

If you don’t like drinking tea, however, you can still use this topically and directly apply onto the acne, as it can work like a good astringent.

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  1. It’s true that the food we eat will affect the looks of our skin. How healthy we are inside will be projected on the outside – the skin appearance.
    Yet, sometimes, no matter how healthy the food we eat, we cannot achieve the skin we want because of some other factors which includes the environment, our skin care routine, and the permanent factor – our genes.

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