Five ways to improve your kitchen with little impact on your wallet

In a time of financial uncertainty, most people are now looking for cost effective measures when making improvements to the state of their property.

One of the most important areas of any home is of course the kitchen. It is where food is stored; meals are cooked, prepared and sometimes served. It is part of the house that many people will spend hours operating in every day. With this in mind, it’s vital that your kitchen replicates the aura you are trying to achieve – making the room a pleasant and tranquil environment to prepare meals in.

However, making substantial changes to a kitchen can often be an expensive process. The cost of a brand new kitchen and the tradesmen needed to fit the installation could leave a big hole in your pocket.

Instead, why not think about these five simple but effective changes to the state of your kitchen? You could be amazed by the results!

A splash of paint

There’s nothing like dramatically overhauling the aesthetics of a room by splashing a new colour to the walls of your kitchen. Painting is a rewarding and relatively straight-forward DIY activity to get involved in and the results will leave you admiring your handiwork. Then there’s the cost – this is a cheap solution to your renovating requirements – after all, you only need a tin of paint and a brush!

Clean up

Ok, so this may be an obvious one but having a good clear out of your kitchen can create extra room and provide a sense of cleanliness to your surroundings. Are certain items lying about that just aren’t necessary? Get rid of them! It’s just clutter! A clean and fresh looking room will have a surprisingly feel good factor impact on your well being – try it out!


‘A light is a light’ I hear you cry. However, you’d be wrong. There are several different forms of lighting that can add alternative effects to the production of your kitchen. Looking to create a cosy and warm atmosphere? Go for an orange and amber type of glow. Conversely, if you’re going for a cold and cool feel, make sure to fit lighting that is light blue or white.

Kitchen units and cabinets

The overall outlook on a kitchen can be drastically edited with the tampering of kitchen doors on your kitchen cabinets and units. Handles and door knobs can also be changed to give the impression that you’ve had a new kitchen fitted when in actuality you haven’t replaced anything and just merely upgraded what you have – and it’s miles cheaper!


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As long as it’s not clutter (see above!) adding some attractive decorations to your kitchen can add some character to the room. Think about possible pictures, table ornaments, flowers and candles – just use your intuition and let your creativity run wild!

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