Five Easy Tips To A More Secure Home

Securing your home isn’t just about installing the latest gadgets and tripwires. Your family, friends and the people you trust in your home are also integral to your home security efforts. Always keep the residents of your home in the forefront of your mind before you install the latest and greatest tech. Always look for easy ways of securing your home before you look into security systems.

Tip One: Stay Lit Up

Thieves will always operate under the cover of darkness if they can help it. Keeping your points of entry illuminated is vital to reducing your odds of being burglarized. While constantly keeping your lights on during the night is effective, it is also wasteful and can become costly. Consider motion detector activated lights to reduce your electricity bill. These types of lights can also frighten would be thieves.

Tip Two: Secure Your Doors

Your main entrance points require a deadbolt. Deadbolts keep all but the most skilled or strong thief from getting past your door. These types of locks either require a key on both sides or have entrance sides operated through a lever. Lever type locks should be utilized unless a window is close enough to allow for manipulation.

Tip Three: Look Occupied

Burglars will always go for the low hanging fruit. If your home is dark, seemingly empty and there are no cars in the driveway for days at a time, your possibility for a home invasion increases. Always make sure your newspapers are removed daily. A stack of the daily times on your front lawn is like a beacon to thieves. Keep a car in the driveway. Let your neighbors know that you’ll be out of town and that they can, and should, park a car in your driveway. Be a pal and do the same for them when they ask.

Tip Four: Make Note of Your Entrances

Garages, windows and even vents are all ways that a thief can enter your home. Garages are especially vulnerable as many high value tools are stored there. Garage doors are sometimes easy to open, and in many cases a broken garage door motor can make entrance simple. Make it a point to replace broken garage doors, easy to open windows and wide vent openings. Securing these alternate points of interests may be difficult, but in the end you’ll be thankful that for the extra peace of mind.

Tip Five: Home Security System

To get a more hands on feel for the types of security systems that can benefit an otherwise secured home, take a look at these home security reviews.

This article is written by an author who researches and reviews home security systems.

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