Features of a steam shower cubicle

A steam shower cubicle is in reality a simple enclosure that is designed to produce and circulate steam within the cubicle while also preventing unwanted leaks in the system. Additionally it is fixed with a showering facility in order to be able to provide the users with a means to rinse themselves after enjoying the steam sauna. Manufacturers today of the more recent steam showers aim to provide enjoyable, mood-lifting therapeutic sessions on the steam showers, as such, newer technology is also being employed that integrates better and more and more advanced features on the cubicle. The following provides a general view on the modern features added on the steam shower in order to provide the users with the therapy and pleasure they want in their baths.

Digital Control Panel

With the advent of electronics technology, modern steam showers are now provided with a full digital control on the system, this makes possible the minute control of the variables (usually steam temperature) in the system very precise. The instrumentation also provides full automation of the system so you can relax and let the shower do its work. These are usually built as user friendly as possible and in some cases come with a remote control.

Foot Massage

This is often an additional feature to your steam shower pack, it is mainly consist of hydromassage jets of water with foot rollers provided, this feature allows you to massage your feet while enjoying the bath, or simply sitting in the cubicle.

steam shower cubicle

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Hand held Shower

With the standard shower on the cubicle comes a fixed slide rail, this gives the option of having a hand held shower since it can be easily detached and mounted from the rail. This is apart from the rainfall shower that is usually built in the system.

Over Head Rainfall Shower

This is popularly known as rainforest shower or monsoon shower. More often larger than the hand held one.

Body Jets

They are usually attached directly above the user, running down the back and right to the lower legs. The user has the option of firing them sequentially, or in unison.

Music and Phone Connections

More modern steam showers boast audio inputs, which can cater MP3 players, IPod, or other audio devices. There are even some units developed that allow the user to take a phone call right at the cubicle.

Radio and Speaker

Steam cubicles now also feature radio on while using the cubicle. FM can be tuned in from the digital controls, just press some buttons, and voila! You can now listen to your favorite station while enjoying the steam bath.

Steam Generator

This mechanism is the heart of the bath. It comes in many features and styles, but they all do the same thing, produce steam. The control panel provides the controls for the temperature and auto shut off of the generator.

Chromotherapy lighting

Studies show that chromotherapy affects one’s mood and emotional state. This feature makes use of lighting in order to alter the mood while taking the shower.

Article Written by Andrew Ellis from www.steamandshower.co.uk experts in home sauna and steam shower enclosures

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