Establishing A Maintenance Schedule For Your Pool

In real-estate, the three most important words are ‘location, location, location’.   When it comes to pools, the three most important words are ‘maintenance, maintenance, maintenance’.   Keeping pool water crystal-clear, free from contaminants, is not hard; but it does require diligence to make sure the water stays in pristine condition for all, to fully enjoy.

There are a number of simple maintenance procedures that, if followed faithfully, will make the difference between pool water that’s foul or pool water that’s fabulous.

— Daily:  run the pool filter a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a day.  Ideally, the filter should run 24 hours a day, but if not, it’s best to have it running during the daylight hours instead of the night.

— Daily or several times a week:  check your pool’s chemistry!   Use a pool test kit to check the pH level, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine level.  Add chemical increasers or decreasers, when necessary.

— Weekly:  clean out the skimmer basket.  The collected debris in the basket will prevent the skimmer from doing what it needs to do.  Skimmers lightly skim through the water surface to gather rubbish before it reaches the pool’s filter system.

— Weekly:  shock your pool water.  This will keep the water continuously sanitized, maintain the correct chlorine level and keep the water beautifully clear.  Shocking the water protects swimmers from potentially harmful bacteria and other unsafe micro-organisms.

— Weekly:  add algaecide:  You guessed it; this will keep algae manifestations under control; although, even carefully maintained pools can experience algae growth from time to time, so a weekly algaecide is a highly recommended proactive measure.   Some algaecide formulas work by removing phosphates from the water which the algae require in order to live, grow and multiply.

— Weekly:  add clarifier.  Clarifier will keep your water clear and hygienic.   Cloudiness and murkiness will become a thing of the past.  Even with the use of a pool filter system, pool water has the potential to still become murky due to residual silt, algae, oils, minerals and other contaminants; but a clarifier works quickly to get rid of suspended debris.

— Weekly:  add a pool stain remover to remove metals and organic remnants.  This will fight residue, scum and mineral deposits from becoming a nuisance.

— Weekly:  vacuum your pool.    A slow back and forth motion is, typically, all that is required to pick up dirt and debris from the pool’s floor.  Taking one’s time is important since going too fast will stir up the debris; and it won’t be adequately collected by the vacuum head.

pool maintenance

— Monthly:  check the filter system to make sure it is working efficiently and properly.  This maintenance usually requires the expertise of a pool professional since a thorough filter system check involves everything from breaking down the filter tank and removing the elements for deep cleaning  as well as inspecting and lubricating  gaskets and ‘o’  rings.

With proper care, a pool can remain a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to your home; and the fun and enjoyment you and your family will receive will be the ultimate reward!

Karen Carlson writes on many different topics, and one topic that she covers quite frequently is the topic of pool maintenance.  for more on pool service, check out BR Pools.

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