Choosing the Right Cocktail Glasses

Choosing the Right Cocktail Glasses
If you serve cocktails or have a cocktail bar in your home, you need to know how to choose the correct cocktail glass when you serve your guests. To stock your bar, you should have a variety of stemware from wine to champagne glasses. Your stemware should accommodate every type of cocktail. The right glass enhances the flavor of any cocktail, and it makes the drink look more appealing. Having a matching, handsome set of glasses will make you proud of your glasses and will help make your home feel like a miniature cocktail bar.   Here are the must-have glasses for your home bar (excluding wine and beer).
Collins Glasses
• Collins glasses are tall glasses that are also called tumblers. They are perfect for so-called “long drinks,” such as the Bloody Mary, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour and soft drinks. These 14- to 16-ounce glasses allow more of the mixer to be included with the liquor. A normal water glass is a Collins glass, but for serving cocktails, you want something with a little style and should not resort for your everyday kitchenware.
Highball Glasses
• Highball glasses are a few ounces smaller than Collins glasses. They’re used for more potent cocktails like the Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila Sunrise or Sex on the Beach. These glasses can also be used for taller versions of stronger drinks, such as a double bourbon and Coke. Highball glasses are thin and classy. Highball glasses are something you take out on your porch or the balcony. Being understated but tasteful, they are great at not stealing the show but showing off the colorful and refreshing (and often tropical) drink.
Rock Glasses
• Rocks glasses are small glasses that hold about eight ounces. Use them to serve rum and Coke, Seagrams Seven and Seven Up, Jack Daniels and Coke or any kind of spirit on the rocks. “Neat” drinks that are served with no ice, such as Southern Comfort, are also at home in a rocks glass. Often, they are faceted (not completely smooth) with a solid bottom.
Shot Glasses
• Shot glasses are for doing straight shots of liquor, such as scotch, bourbon, Jagermeister or tequila. You can also use them to measure the amount of spirits you add to a mixed drink. Shot glasses tend to be stylized (and frequently engraved).
Hurricane Glasses
• Hurricane glasses are tall glasses with an elegant curve in the middle of the bowl. Hurricane glasses are used for mixed drinks like Hurricanes, Daiquiris and Margaritas. The graceful shape makes the cocktail pleasing to the eye. It will display the vibrant colors of these (normally) tropical drinks.
Martini Glasses
• Martini glasses are delicate stemware with a wide, triangular bowl. They are the core piece of any cocktail party. Martini glasses come in numerous traditional and unusual styles. They’re mostly used for gin or vodka martinis. They should be refined and allow you to enjoy the aroma of the drink.
• Snifters are a type of stemware used for cognac and brandies. They have a wide opening and are held in the palm of the hand to warm the liquor so that the bouquet spreads. These drinks emphasize the aroma since every sip counts, the nuances in taste.
You may not find the right cocktail glasses overnight, especially if you want to be consistent. And there is no general rule for what they should look like or if they should match. They should reflect your sensibility and what you are going to be using them for (small soirees or big cocktail parties). Just have fun and remember all the cocktails you will enjoy from these stunning pieces of stemware with your favorite drinks.

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Bio: Matthew Sonnenshein is a writer for Orient-Express Cocktail Bar, located in NYC. Orient-Express Cocktail Bar in the West Village features the original drink creations of Sam Ziar, whose cocktails are inspired by the golden age of rail travel.   

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