Different Types of Shed for Different Uses

The idea of the greatest garden shed varies from person to person. Here are a few ideas of what to do with yours.

Some people want somewhere to dump the things that can’t go in the house, others – men especially – want a hideout from the other half, and some don’t really know what they want one for and probably don’t need one, they just want one.

Never mind what your idea of the perfect shed is it’s also about the perfect shed for your garden. There’s no point having a mini fairy tale den out there if it leaves no space for a barbeque or to hang the washing out or even to sit out on a nice afternoon; it’s about what fits with your house. For example if you live in a town or a city you are more likely to have a smaller garden that won’t take much to maintain, you will probably therefore use you shed to store the kid’s bikes and the barbeque when it rains maybe along with some decorating materials. If you live in the country however, you are likely to have a bigger garden that takes quite a few hours to upkeep, consequently you are likely to house a lot of garden tools – strimmer, lawn mower, sheers – in your shed along with maybe the summer garden furniture that only comes out on a nice day.

Whether you want a wooden shed, a metal shed or a plastic shed they all have their benefits. A wooden shed is traditional and more aesthetically pleasing than a metal or plastic shed but it takes a lot more maintenance. A metal shed is much more secured which would be a benefit both in the city and in the countryside. A plastic shed can offer a more modern look to either the wood or metal sheds and is also extremely durable however it may not be the most practical.


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As well as the typical use for extra storage garden sheds have progressed through the years and adapted to people’s needs. Nowadays they are still used for storage but are also used as offices, playhouses and just places of relaxation. You can now have a shed insulated to allow continual use all year through.

Remember though, to get the best from your new room or storage point you have to maintain it to keep it at its best. If you choose a wooden shed it will need regular varnishing and a water resistance coat, with a plastic shed it will need to be regularly cleaned as they quickly look dirty and will spoil the look of your garden – irony considering the purpose of the shed was to improve it.

Article written by Adam Jones for www.abbeylawn.com, leading sellers of garden shed.


  1. Warren Brown says:

    Thanks, I’m buying a new house which has a smallish garden with a mid size shed at the bottom of it. All I will need to put in it is a lawnmower I guess, so do you think it will be safe to keep a motor bike in it to?

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