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Besides having the ability to purchase a home of their own, designing their own home is a dream that many people aspire to. What could be better than designing and building a home that meets every need you have, and includes a few extra features besides. There are a considerable number of companies that offer “land and home” packages, but many of the homes offered are manufactured homes. In these cases, the customer does have a choice of floorplans for their new home, but they are limited to the plans offered by that particular company.

Other companies are willing to work with a prospective homeowner who wants to be more involved with designing their own home, but there are some important details to consider. The first step involves making a decision about the size of the home required for their family and lifestyle. After that decision is made, the cost of their new construction can be determined. There may be certain features of the home that will cost more than their financing will allow. These decisions can be difficult, but they are necessary.

It may be very helpful for the prospective homeowner to visit a number of model homes to get a feel for the home they would like to build. It is important to consider any ideas available during the planning process of designing a home, and looking through home design magazines is another good source of information.

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Some companies that offer the land and home packages have software programs available to help their customers accurately plan their dream home. This software is easy to use, providing templates that make it possible to include appliances and fixtures. Some even give the customer an option of inserting furniture to help them better visualize their plan. Once the floorplan of their new home is complete, the company selling the package will review it and possibly make suggestions for minor changes.

Getting financing for a home construction project can be complicated, and this is where purchasing a land and home package can be advantageous. Typically, the company offering these packages will have certain financial institutions that work closely with them. They can help the prospective homeowner work through the many details of their application, and give advice when it is needed. Even though mortgage interest rates are currently low, most financial institutions are reluctant to make loans without a high credit score and a substantial downpayment.

Once the prospective homeowner has a mortgage loan that is approved and the plans for the home are finalized, construction of their special home begins. This type of plan may not be for everyone, but it does offer a great opportunity for anyone looking to design and build that home they always dreamed of owning.

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