Design Tips for a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are a style of flat which consists of one large open space. The toilet is usually enclosed and the rest of the space is completely open with the living areas, bedroom and kitchen and dining areas all in one room.

Studio flats have plenty of advantages. They are usually much cheaper than one bedroom or two bedroom flats. They also often offer high ceilings, large windows and other architectural features which offer a sense of space.

However, decorating a studio flat can be a real challenge. When all of the different living spaces must fit together in one large room, it can be very difficult to arrange furniture. Here are some tips for decorating a studio apartment:

Creating Specific Areas

Even though your studio flat is one large room without any dividers between kitchen, living room, etc. you can still create a little bit of order by creating areas for specific activities. For example, you can face two couches together with a coffee table in between and create a conversation/reading area. A small table and two chairs near a window create a comfy breakfast nook. These little areas make the large studio room feel a bit cosier and create environments suited to their purpose.

Sliding Wall Partitions

If you are finding that your studio apartment is too open and you want to separate it into different areas, you might consider installing sliding folding partitions or operable wall systems. There are a great number of different walls which will create a barrier when you want them to, then slide or fold out of the way when you want to open up the room.

This can be great for creating a private bedroom space which then can be opened up into a living space when you need more room.

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Storage Solutions

When you only have one large room, clutter can get out of hand very quickly. Too much stuff around will make your studio flat seem very small and cramped.

There are many different ways that you can store your items without taking up extra space, such as choosing a bed with storage drawers underneath it. You can also use dressers and wardrobes to hang your clothing and hanging wall organizers for small items such as accessories and shoes.

These are just a few ways you can maximize your space in a studio apartment and create a design that will look stylish and work for your lifestyle.

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