Decorating Ideas For Rugs

Rugs look great in any room in any house; they can be used to make a statement or to mellow the surroundings. Rugs aren’t just an accessory though; they can be used to decorate rooms in a huge number of ways that you’d never expect. They’re brilliant insulators as well, rugs almost always add warmth to a room; they make a room look and feel cosy and could even reduce your heating bills – especially if you have wooden or laminate floors.

The rug that you choose for your home depends on the purpose that it is intended for; if you want to make your rug the focal point of a room then it should be big, bright and bold. If you want your rug to blend in with the design of your living room then you should choose a coloured rug that is close to the main colour of your lounge.

Many people think it’s strange but you can actually put rugs on top of carpet. Pretty much any rug that you choose will go with any carpet – as long as your carpet is plain. Runners also look great on carpets, and if you put them in high traffic areas then the life of your carpet will definitely be extended.

Nowadays, rugs are not always used in the traditional way and some people feel that they are more like a work of art than something that should be walked on so they hang them on the walls. If you have a rug that you feel is particularly special and shouldn’t be walked on then hanging it up is a perfectly plausible option.


Recently table centre pieces have moved away from the wedding environment and are now really popular in people’s homes; something else that has become popular is table runners, however, these tend to be limited in size and design. A lot of people have begun using long narrow rugs – like floor runners – on their tables to create the look that they desire.
Throws tend to get messy so a great alternative is a rug. Rugs can protect your sofas and armchairs just as well as a throw but they can be cleaned a lot easier too.

Finally, rugs in the bedroom are extremely popular. A lot of people like to feel the warmth of a rug under their feet in a morning but something a little more unusual is using a rug on your bed. Rugs come in loads of different styles and many people have taken to using them on the bottom of the bed in order to prevent any draughts from making their way under the duvet.

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