Dangerous Cleaning Blind Spots In Your Kitchen And Bathroom

What you clean your kitchen and bathroom with also needs to be properly inspected. It’s usually better to use paper towels or disposable sponges to clean these areas, but if that isn’t available, then make sure you wash re-usable cloths after every cleaning. Also make sure that your mop is bleached out and replaced on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re just spreading bacteria from one place to another.

Those are the basics of making sure that your kitchen and bathroom are as clean as possible. Paying attention to the small details will ensure that your home is clean and doesn’t harbor unwanted mold and bacteria particles.

Robert works full time at MoldBusters and has seen a lot of improperly cleaned homes with mold and mildew problems. Because of that he likes to blog and share with the world his experiances on how to properly take care of the home to avoid mold related problems.

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