Dangerous Cleaning Blind Spots In Your Kitchen And Bathroom

If you have a shower curtain, then it needs to be thoroughly cleaned as well. Bath mats are another area that need extra attention. Shower and bath mats should be washed in the washing machine using the disinfect cycle.

Bathrooms also tend to be breeding grounds for mold. That is because it is a confined area that has a lot of heat and moisture. To combat mold growth, you should air out your bathroom after every shower or bath. If your bathroom still contains a lot of moisture, wipe it down with paper towels to keep it nice and dry.

Toothbrushes are something that people use everyday and need to be cleaned on a daily basis. They need to be soaked in mouthwash for a few minutes at a time and this needs to be done on a regular basis. It is also important to not store too many toothbrushes in one holder. This prevents the brushes from properly drying. While we’re talking about the holder, make sure that you disinfect this item on a regular basis as well.

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