Cut Your Energy Bill With Our Top Energy Saving Devices

There are thousands of articles out there explaining the different ways you can save energy. We know them all by heart – check your meter regularly, don’t leave your electrical items on standby and so on and so on – but most of them are simply based on good common sense.

The only other advice on offer suggests whole-scale changes to your house are the way to go. However, if, like me, you live in an old country house you probably like it the way it is. I agree that it could have designed in a more energy-efficient manner, but it’s old and that’s the way I like it. I don’t want to replace the roof, or knock down the walls and, even if I did, the cost would give me the jitters.

Thankfully, there are other ways to cut that dreaded bill, which are far less well-known. With the recession continuing into what feels like its second century, many companies have been developing household gadgets that everyone can use.

Your house can be new, old, in the country or in the city, it doesn’t matter. These gadgets are small, simple and cheap. Better yet, they can recoup their cost within a few short months.

Dryer Balls

A bit of a two-for-one special, the dryer ball cuts the time of your drying cycles and reduces your need for fabric softener. Don’t ask me about the science behind it – it’s something to do with the ball’s nodes – but it will save around 25% with every load and keep your clothes soft.

Chimney Balloon

So, so simple. Chimneys lose heat like only a hole in your ceiling can, so why not fill it with a balloon. The air inside it is as cheap as anything gets and the balloon costs a mere £22. Effective and easy, it also inspired me to tell the children some truly ridiculous stories about how exactly it got there.

Eco Button

This small and unobtrusive gadget plugs straight into a USB ports on your computer. Press the button and it’ll puts your computer into sleep mode, instantly. This can save the average computer user up to £50 a year.

For those of you thinking it’s not too hard just to turn it off yourself, the switch can also be used on networks, so you don’t have to rely on others who aren’t as mindful as you are.

The Freeloader

The best name of the lot, this miniature solar panel is a fantastic idea. I don’t want a roof made of glass, nor do I have £10,000 lying around to construct them. I do, however, have a phone and access to the sun. Just plug the phone into the panel and watch the bill drop.

Darren Marks works for, one of the UK’s top green electricity comparison sites. He really does love his old house and has been known to let it out to his friends in the office whilst away.

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