Creating a Low Maintenance Waiting Room Design

When you own a business and you own a successful business, you are most likely very busy. When you spend each day ensuring that your company is being run successfully, then you do not have time to worry about décor. After all, whether or not your office is stylish certainly would rank low on your list of priorities. However, your customers may see things differently. If they walk into an office that is outdated, unprofessional, and in definite need of changes, then they may worry about your company professionalism overall. You may not realize it, but by putting your office décor on a back burner you could be losing customers.

The best decision you could make is find some time now in order to redecorate your office waiting room. If you make smart decisions, you will be able to create a low maintenance style that will not require upkeep month after month. Did you know that a low maintenance office waiting room does exist? Here are some things you should do that will create a combination of low maintenance style in your office waiting room.

Choose Washable Wall Paint

Of course, as customers come and go, the paint on the walls can get discolored, stained and marked. Because of this, you may be using a plain or boring color just trying to cover up this problem. Alternatively, you may find yourself repainting over and over again, so you have chosen a neutral and stuck with it since it is so easy to match. However, you can have a bold and stylish color on your walls. All that you need to do is choose paint that can be wiped clean. Preferably, choose a gloss or semi gloss paint. These types can be washed down with warm water and a cloth. This is a definite low maintenance way of getting a more stylish look in your office waiting room.

Pick Out Zero Upkeep Décor

You may want plants in your office waiting room, and that is certainly a popular choice, but you need to make low maintenance decision. There are options that you could choose from. You could choose silk plants, but if you do, ensure that they are of high quality so that they will not fade or fray over time. If you choose live plants, then think about those that do not require much water. Some plants only need to be watered once or twice a month, and that can help keep the maintenance level low.

Many people prefer to have a water feature in their office waiting room. Wall water features are very popular, but you may be worrying that they will be high maintenance. Actually, if you choose metal wall water features, then you will find that it needs little to no maintenance over time.

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Choose the Right Flooring

Finally, choose the right flooring. Carpeting will require cleanings and regular vacuuming, which will take time. However, hardwood floors or floors made from laminate wood will need only a quick sweep and mop from time to time. Another option would be tile floors. All in all, in the name of low maintenance, you will want to avoid carpeting, which can stain and get worn. Look for hard options that are easier to care for.

You do not have to ignore the look of your office waiting room. Instead, you can take just a little time out of your day now to create a stylish space that truly does not need that much maintenance over time. This will show your customers that you are professional and that you care about their comfort as they sit in that waiting room.

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