How Polarized Lenses Work

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What are they?

Polarized sunglass lenses reduce glare. So, obviously, you would want polarized lenses when you are in an environment with a lot of glare. Over the past few years polarized lenses have become more popular and you will find people using them for biking, golfing, or even driving as it can reduce the glare off other cars and the road. Also they come in handy for boaters and skiers trying to reduce glare from the snow and water.

How they work

Glare is created when light is reflected off an object horizontally. Polarized lenses block out the horizontal light and only allow in vertical light, creating much better visibility. In the instance of the fisherman; they are now able to see through the water better to see fish or any rocks they might need to watch out for. The added benefit to this is that you will find yourself squinting less, leading to less headaches or eye aches.

When they don’t work

There are a few instances where polarized lenses might make a task more difficult. For instance, when trying to look at a LCD the images often become color distorted. Also some cell phone and GPS screens might be harder to view clearly with polarized lenses. But for the majority of activities polarized lenses can help a great deal. Their raise in popularity makes them easy to find as well. Most anywhere that sells sunglasses sells polarized varieties. You can also by magnetic clip on polarized sunglasses to turn your prescription eye glasses into polarized glasses.

How to check if your glasses are polarized

To check if a pair of sunglasses are polarized you can perform this simple test. Hold the glasses out in front of you and look through them while focusing on a reflective surface. Rotate the sunglasses slowly while keeping your eye on the reflective surface. If the intensity of the reflective light changes then the lenses are polarized. If the intensity of the reflective light remains the same then the lenses are not polarized. When purchasing polarized sunglasses you should always opt for the better quality and from a brand you know. This will ensure you get a good quality pair of polarized sunglasses.

Next time you are shopping for a pair of sunglasses, be sure to get a pair with polarized lenses. Look for the word polarized on both the frames and the packaging as well as the turn your head sideways test to make sure your pair is polarized.

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