Could The T-Shirt Be The Effortless Halloween Costume?

As Halloween approaches once again, our thoughts turn towards fancy dress and who everyone wants to be on All Hallows’ Eve. Fancy dress suppliers rejoice for the busiest time of the year as party lovers and trick or treaters search fancy dress shops for the perfect costume.

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly; a costume can say a lot about a person. All out horror or a witty statement?  Low budget or full theatrical production?

T shirt companies seem to have it covered and have started designing tees that can double as costumes, prompting a sigh of relief for people who hate fancy dress. The t-shirt has become the effortless costume, no DIY or sewing required.

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T-shirts can be an effective scary Halloween costume, without the need for sticky fake blood or creative customising. Thanks to the technology of graphic design, a realistic gunshot, bloody handprints or a weeping wound can be easily imitated. Even emulating famous characters such as Ghostbusters’ Pillsbury Doughboy can be as easy a slipping on a t-shirt and some face paint.

Uniform is always a popular choice for fancy dress with the emergency services coming up top for popularity. But once all elements of a police/ambulance or fire-fighter costume are collected, it can work out costly. Once again, the t-shirt offers the budget option with a graphic printed uniform. While it may be 2D, it offers all of the detail with none of the layers.

People can imitate their favourite movie or TV characters by wearing a copy of a t-shirt they are often seen in. Think Red Dwarf’s Dave Lister and his zero gravity football team London Jets t-shirt or The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and his array of comic book t shirts. It’s an effortless costume and the perfect salute to fandom.

There are also those that look to Halloween as the perfect chance to emulate their favourite celebrity icon. When else could somebody dress as Michael Jackson or Public Enemy and not look slightly odd? T shirts have allowed fans to copy their famous style without buying expensive like for like copies. Who doesn’t want MJ’s famous Thriller jacket?

T shirts are offering many an easy get out clause for Halloween, with the simple click of a mouse a costume is sorted. No effort, nothing elaborate and no moans from fancy dress enthusiasts that they’re spoilsports. Halloween is solved!

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