A Few Considerations for Fall Decor

The leaves turn, the temperatures fall, and the spices begin wafting their way into homes. With the changing of the season to fall, everything changes yet again. As it does, why not spice up your home to welcome the cool and cozy comforts of the season? Embracing the season in traditional style involves crafting seasonal projects in homemade fashion. The best fall décor includes both indoor and outdoor projects and presents a do-it-yourself flair.

Indoor Projects

Typical accents and adornments of fall include elements such as pumpkins, leaves, wheat, and other bountiful pieces. As such, fashioning a festive fall treat takes little effort. Creating a unique fall centerpiece, garland or pennant banner is quite simple and can be completed in just a few steps.

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Deciding on the desired project and collecting the materials is the first step of any great fall design. To achieve the desired outcome, choosing items that embody the season is crucial. For a centerpiece, consider choosing a large item to serve as the foundation of the piece. For garland or a banner, choosing items with appropriate colors and elements is important. These choices include fall leaves, sunflowers, other natural elements or colored fabric in golden or bronze hues.

Actually constructing the piece involves designing a plan of action and forming the actual piece of fall décor. For a centerpiece, the plan may simply involve putting together a couple of pumpkins and a gourd arranged on the table or mantle and cushioning them with some fall colored ribbon. For a garland, a piece of string or twine on which to thread the pieces must be selected. Then each of the leaves or fabric pieces can be put together. To construct a pennant, small triangular pieces can be cut from the cloth and then strung on a similar thread or twine. If using burlap or some other light fabric, penning a seasonal word such as “fall” or “autumn” by consecutive letter on each of the triangles makes for a festive design.

Arranging and finishing is the last step to constructing a piece of indoor fall design. Hanging a banner or pennant on the mantel creates an autumnal ambiance in any room, and setting a natural centerpiece on the dining room or coffee table fashions an instant focal point for any room.

Outdoor Projects

While outdoor fall décor projects can be slightly more expansive, they simply require a few natural elements, the right colors, and effective placement. As fall marks the celebration of harvest, choosing pieces from the bounty of the season present the most effective design facets. An array of different sized pumpkins arranged on the porch step composes a simplistic but appropriate design. Rustic pieces like a large metal wash barrel or a wagon wheel also serve as fitting foundation elements for any outdoor design project. Likewise, making sure to choose succinctly colored items to adorn a piece is vital to maintain the unity of the fall decor. Successful color combinations include red, brown, orange, bronze, and other golden hues. Adding a deep orange bow to a grapevine wreath is a simple way to make a fall statement. Finally, placing fall décor in a prominent place outdoor is an important consideration to make to ensure the desired look and prominence is achieved. On the threshold and surrounding the entryway or sidewalk are the most important places to embellish with festive fall pieces.

Whether looking to completely transform your home or to merely add a bit of autumnal spice to your life, crafting a rustic and seasonal piece requires little more than choosing appropriate pieces, constructing a cohesive design, and arranging an effective presentation. With these three in mind, you’ll be on your way to beautiful fall décor in no time.

Rebecca Earnest is a freelance writer and holiday arts and crafts enthusiast.

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