5 Inexpensive Ideas for Creative Crafts

I’m sure there have been many times when your children have told you they are bored and you have no idea what to suggest. The solution to your problem is giving your child a creative task; here are five of the most inexpensive, but fun creative ideas for your children to try.

Cardboard box crafts
Cardboard boxes are generally inexpensive and can be purchased from packaging companies; whether you use small boxes or large boxes, or one box or a few boxes, there are so many things a child can make, for example, they can make something simple like a photo frame. If you can provide more cardboard boxes, then they can create something more extravagant, like a dolls house. Your child can even make little pieces of furniture out of cardboard for the dolls house. If you have a boy and they would not want to create a dolls house, then maybe they would want to make a house for a pet you might own, or even a cardboard car or boat.

Try giving your child a large piece of A3 paper and some magazines and see what they come up with. They will be able to show their creative and artistic side by putting together a collage with the use of pictures and words from magazines. They can create a themed collage, for example, it can be all about celebrities and clothing, or it can be all about travel and holiday destinations. There are absolutely no rules to this craft, so just let your child create something. The ideas are endless for this activity, so see what your child comes up with.

Tissue Paper
Tissue paper can be purchased in any card and gift shop and there are number of things you can do with it. Your child can make all sorts of things with tissue paper, one example is flowers. Tissue paper flowers are a very popular creation, but see what else you and your child can come up with. Let them use their imagination.

Beads and string
Beads and string are more inexpensive items that your children can be creative with. One of the most popular creations with these items are pieces of jewelry, for example bracelets and necklaces. More creative ideas for your children to attempt include, beaded key rings and table mats if they are feeling more adventurous.

This is the most inexpensive item to create crafts with. There are so many things that children can create with paper, for example, they can make cards and decorate with with colours and glitter, or whatever they choose to use. Origami is another use for paper; this is basically the folding of paper to create animal shapes, the swan is a very popular example.
Even though these ideas seem very simple, your children will have fun with them. You can even enjoy the ideas with your children and possibly make them family activities; this allows you to spend time with your family and keep your children happy at the same time.

My name is Sally and I love everything about arts and crafts. One of my main resources for supplies is Davpack.

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