Which Celebrity Chef Are You Most Like In The Kitchen?


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The TV chef, in recent years, has become a phenomenon. These days the TV schedules are chock-a-block with cooking programmes, each finding a different angle to illustrate the diversity of food, ingredients and the range of palatable dishes available to the inclined and the imaginative.

However, with so many talented culinary hotshots fighting for their slice of the limelight, success for the fortunate has become far less about the food but about the character presenting it.  TV chefs have now transcended their functionality to become celebrities, in the process attracting significant fandom.

Each have their own unique personality that has helped them along, but which are you most like in the kitchen?



Delia Smith

The Godmother of TV chefs, Delia Smith brings an unequivocally practical approach to cooking. She, unlike many of her contemporaries, is concerned with providing easy recipes and equally accessible techniques to produce them – how to boil an egg, anyone?

If you are like Delia, you prefer to shun the more extravagant recipes for something traditional like a roast dinner or pie and mash, using tricks and know-how passed down from your mum to produce delicious homemade meals full of nostalgia.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s mockney banter may not be to the taste of everyone, but few can argue that he brings with him a significant level of style to his culinary endeavours.  His informal approach led to cooking seeming more accessible to a whole new generation.

Those that are most like Mr Oliver have little time for exact measurements and intend to have a feel for cooking, instead “banging”, “whizzing” or “chucking” an instinctive amount of ingredients in to the mix and trusting the result.


Gordon Ramsey

Scotland’s number one chef is famed for his perfectionism in the kitchen. He is also extremely passionate about any challenge he takes on, which has led to his temper spilling over on many occasions. Something which has been responsible for his many infamous expletive laden attacks on people he is working with in the kitchen, most notably in his Kitchen Nightmares series, where he aims to turn ailing kitchens around with his characteristic mix of abrasiveness and eye for detail.

A personality more akin to Gordon Ramsey’s will also labour over the finer details and will reside in the school of cooking’s purists.


Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal has sought to modernise the techniques used in cooking by introducing scientific elements into the execution of his dishes. But, perhaps, his most notable contribution to the world of cuisine are his signature dishes that include snail porridge, and bacon and egg ice cream, fusing unusual flavours with recognised meals.

Carbon copies of Heston gain satisfaction in creating dishes by using unusual and new-fangled methods, that consider and dissect the mechanics of food and the options that this approach creates.


Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall

Banging the drum of self-sufficiency, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall champions the idea of real food being picked from the earth by your own hand.

The Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall mark twos of this world also like to live off the fat of the land, producing home grown dishes using ingredients from their garden, allotment or herb boxes. Similarly they concentrate on seasonal dishes and consulting how to guides for forest foraging.


So Which Are You? 


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For the record, I see myself as a Gordon Ramsey character, without the perfectionism but with the temper. I swear the next time I burn a soufflé I am going to end up putting a wok through my glass kitchen worktops.  Which characteristics of these celebrity chefs do you share; let us know in the comment section below.


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