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It’s easy to assume that being a chef isn’t nearly as impressive compared to being a lawyer or doctor, and that aiming for a career within the industry is tantamount to professional suicide. People who don’t know a lot usually assume the worst in what they can’t expound on. To correct this notion, it should be clarified that being a chef is just as challenging and professionally enriching as those occupations it is compared to. And that any parent would be proud of having a world-renowned chef as their son or daughter. A chef may not save lives or keep them from being wasted. But he surely knows how to keep each of the lives he encounters satiated and in good shape. If that is not impressive enough, then the following information should improve your perception about what chefs are and what they do.

Aspiring to be a chef requires a huge investment.

First of all, chefs actually go through a grueling training process. Yes, they do not spend that long of a time in school as lawyers and doctors do. But what the latter spends reading books and watching surgeries from an observation deck, aspiring chefs already invest in real kitchens in a low-level position. Obviously, they get an edge as far as professional security goes since they get a head start. And they are able to enrich themselves faster in a professional setting than a doctor or lawyer would.

Chefs are predisposed to burn and knife accidents.

Second, chefs actually subject themselves to more danger on a daily basis than any other blue or white collared jobs out there, except of course those related to national defense. They handle fire, wield sharp knives, and work in a chaotic environment where everyone else handles fire and wields sharp objects too. So they’d most likely walk away with burns, cuts, bruises, scratches and several other types of injuries in the entirety of their career than any doctor or lawyer would. Not that it’s something that affects the dignity or validity of the profession. But as far as being kick-ass goes, chefs surely have that department covered better.

Renowned chefs will get the chance to brush elbows with important personalities.

Of course, one should not downplay the fact that chefs are more likely to get face time with important people than lawyers, doctors, engineers, and accountants will ever do in their lifetime. See, most of them don’t really need legal defense, medical attention, construction assistance or financial management on a daily basis. But they all want to eat good food. So a chef that has earned a reputation will more likely come across the president of the United States and work with him every day than any other professional outside of his posse.

A successful chef can profit much even without losing sleep.

To add to the aforementioned corrections, it should also be noted that chefs can earn just as much as lawyers and doctors do. And they don’t even have to lose sleep over it. At most, chefs will have to dedicate 15 hours to their jobs. But they are entitled to day offs. And they can even travel to different parts of the country and the world courtesy of the establishments they are working for. These aren’t privileges most high-paid professionals are given, except celebrities. And as an added bonus, they can even get started on their business, build an empire, and then diversify into wines, preserved foods, as well as books – all within a span of 10 to 25 years.

Now, if that’s not enough to change your mind about the profession, then, the fact that you get to be surrounded by delicious food all day should. Some people would view this scenario as a vacation. Chefs do handle some paperwork and management duties. But most of the time, they tend to the kitchen. And they make sure that everything that goes out of it is high-quality. So no one can really criticize it either as being juvenile in nature. In fact, being a chef is so important that studying it can actually cost a person hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this said it becomes pretty clear that a culinary career is nothing to be ashamed of or looked down upon.

There are currently a little over 100,000 chefs working in the United States as of the moment and about 260,000 estimated in the United Kingdom. And as far as the experts go, the industry will continue to grow given people’s insatiable demand for food. Anyone pursuing a culinary career now can have positive outlooks for the future and look forward to a prosperous professional experience. But they need to make the right choices early on as far as what New Orleans cooking school they would go to and how they would distinguish themselves from the pack. Like any other occupation, the top slots are limited within this niche. And only a select few will get to occupy it. If you want to be among those people, then you need to ignore faultfinders, find focus and become determined in this endeavor.

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