Culinary Tips for the Home Kitchen Cook

Here are some ideas and cooking tips that can help improve your culinary expertise in your home kitchen. Modern television programs are great at telling you different recipes to cook but this article will concentrate on some best practise for cooking at home.

General Cooking Tips

Firstly you should make sure you have all ingredients laid out on a kitchen worktop before you start. This avoids the unfortunate situation that you have forgotten something vital or that you add the wrong ingredient to part of the cooking.

Cooking Steak

If your cooking steaks and want to boil them you should firstly preheat your oven until it’s really hot say 250 degrees is good for most household kitchens. What this does is seal the outside of the meat and keep the juices in. Alternatively you can flash the meat in pan and then put into the oven for a similar affect.  “Use tongs or a spatula to turn the meat, avoid using a fork as this prevents the juices leaking out”.

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Mashed Potato

A potato ricer is a great gadget for home use, not sure what a potato ricer is? Well it looks like a giant garlic press but will really create smooth mash for your family, this is definitely a kitchen pro tip.

Steam Cooking

The best way to cook vegetables is by steaming them; it keeps more nutrients inside the veg and in many cases is less cleaning. If you’re cooking broccoli, do not overcook it we recommend it to be crisp and tender.

Spinning Salad?

A simple tool is a salad spinner, relatively low cost but can help you avoid ruining your lettuces when offering salad to guests. Also think out of the box if you are offering lunch to people then try something alternative to Iceberg such as Green leaf or even red Lettuce.


There is one main rule of thumb which chefs have and that is simply “do not cook with wine that you wouldn’t drink”, a simple but effective tip.

Food Processing

We recommend using a hand blender rather than a food processor, your food will be smoother and there is less mess or cleaning up to carry out.


A common mistake is to wash mushrooms under the tap; however mushrooms are absorbent so use a damp cloth to clean them for a tastier side dish.

Grilling Tips

Firstly make sure your grill is hot enough to cook, otherwise it will dry the food. Next you should grill chicken around 12 cm away from the heat and red meat approximately 8cm this will enable your food to cook at the correct temperature for optimum taste.

This article was written by Kutchenhaus professional designers of Contemporary kitchens.


  1. John Murray says:

    Before you fry steaks make sure they are dry as wet meat wont sear. Rub with oil and once sealed add a little butter to the pan. Keep heat med to high to ensure cooked but mot overdone. Cook one side then the other dont overturn. Dont put 2 many steaks in a pan as they will stew.

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