Buying the Perfect Family Ice Cream Machine

Unlike a blender or microwave, an ice cream machine is something the whole family can use together. It can be a welcome addition to any kitchen that gives you a great activity to enjoy with your kids. And it’s not like making macaroni art or finger painting, with an ice cream machine you get a yummy treat at the end of the process. Most people never make ice cream in their lives because they think it’s too complicated. But it’s actually a lot easier than you think, and it’s so simple that your kids can master the process in no time. It won’t be long before you’re coming up with delicious family recipes you’ll be proud to call your own.

Setting a budget – one of the biggest mistakes people make in the beginning is buying something way too expensive. This isn’t like buying a big screen TV or a convection oven. You don’t have to go with a top-of-the-line model loaded with all the features. Those high-end products are usually reserved for people who want to produce ice cream in mass quantities. But for a regular family of four, you can get a great machine like the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence for 60 dollars. That’s a heck of a price to pay for something that you’ll use for years.

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Do your research -not all ice cream makers are created equal even though a lot of them look the same. It’s important to match a product with your particular cooking style. In general, it’s easiest to go with a frozen-bowl maker with an automated motor. Old-style bucket makers look great, but they can be a nightmare to use. Using your own hands to crank ice cream might be fun the first time, but it quickly becomes tiresome after a while. You can also save money with a simple model that doesn’t include mechanized parts, but do you really want to wait 3 hours for your final product to freeze?

Test it out – now that you have your machine, it’s time to test it out. Some people get discouraged at their first attempt because it doesn’t turn out great. Just think of it as a learning experience, and get your kids involved. Remember, your first batch of ice cream will probably be your worst, and it’s all uphill from there. Eventually you’ll get used to the pacing and timing necessary to get great results. The most important thing is not to give up.

Finding recipes – there are lots of fun recipes that you can find easily on the web. There are recipes from professionals chefs, bloggers, and moms eager to share their favorites. This is a great way to get the kids involved because they can be the ones responsible for choosing the recipes. No two are ever the same and it’s fun to experiment to see which ones you love the most.

Getting Creative – once you’ve mastered basic recipes, it’s time to set out on your own using your imagination. The basic process involving cooking custard is similar across all ice creams. Once you figure that out, you have free license to play around with other tasty ingredients. Remember, recipes are just a guideline and there’s no rule that says you can’t and what you like. You and your kids can find the right combination that will tantalize your taste buds.

Family Fun – an ice cream maker is the perfect addition to an ordinary family meal. As we all know, people have less time to eat with their families than ever. If you set aside at least one night a week to cook and eat together, an ice cream machine can be a valuable part of that routine. After enjoying a wonderful meal, you can whip up a batch of delicious ice cream in about 45 minutes while your stomach settles. It’s the perfect way to end off a night of family fun together.

This article comes from where this awesome dessert is celebrated with the best products and tastiest recipes. Despite newfangled diets and healthier eating patterns, dessert is still an important part of family eating. When you do it responsibly, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy treats like ice cream on a regular basis.

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