5 Ways to Create the Holiday Feeling at Home

Post-holiday blues are experienced by most as the suitcases are unpacked, the endless washing begins and going back to work is on the horizon. If you are looking for ways to recreate a little holiday magic at home, this post takes you through the variety of ways in which it can be achieved.

Take the Plunge with a Hot Tub

Nothing creates the holiday vibe quite like a hot tub, so imagine the joy of being able to laze the weekend away in whirl of warm water with family, friends or just you and your partner. Hot tubs come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with costs varying vastly depending on what you are looking for so there is a little taste of luxury for many budgets.

Creative Cocktails

As the weekend rolls around, many enjoy a drink with friends but rather than the usual glass of wine, why not try out a delicious cocktail? Start out with a trusted cocktail making book and gather your spirits, juices and anything else the recipe calls for and get shaking! This is a fun way to relive those nights away in tropical bars; even if you do not drink alcohol, there are plenty of virgin alternatives that look and taste just as impressive, ideal for kids too!

Recreate a Great Meal

Did you try something unusual on holiday for dinner and absolutely love it? The chances are if you look around online you will find a recipe for that much loved meal that you can recreate at home for all the family to enjoy.

Decorate a Room

If you stayed somewhere beautiful, mimic the décor at home as homage to the wonderful trip you had! From sanding down floorboards for that laid back beach hut style to painting the walls in a similar colour and sourcing the right finishing touches such as an unusual lampshade or pattern of curtains, you can bring a little of your holiday into your home.

Find the Music

Whether it was a song you heard whilst out to dinner, an album that played around the pool or that tune you danced the night away to, music can be a great way to get back into the holiday feeling. Make a playlist and play it whilst sitting in your hot tub after making that amazing meal, sipping a cocktail at the same time!

Whether you are thinking back to a holiday from years ago or have recently got back from the trip of a lifetime, there are many ways to bring a little of the holiday spirit into the home. Start with a couple of these top tips and rest assured you will almost be able to hear the waves crash again!

Sophie works alongside www.thehottubcompany.com and suffers from the holiday blues every year, therefore has come up with many ways to reignite the holiday feeling.

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