5 Things you Should Always Stock in your Kitchen Pantry

If you’re always finding yourself short on time, not having the chance to get to the supermarket or spend hours preparing a meal in the kitchen, stocking basic ingredients in your pantry can help you to be a budding chef! There is an abundance of non-perishable items that can easily be used to make a mouth-watering meal in just minutes.


With a lengthy shelf life and the potential for one hundred and one uses, pasta is the ideal ingredient for making filling, family meals, with a limited amount of time. Pasta is like a blank canvas that can be transformed by adding any ingredients that you desire. If you don’t have the time to go to the supermarket, you can add just about anything that you have at home, to your pasta, to make it a great meal, from vegetables and nuts to meat and sauces.

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables always sound a little off putting to begin with, but add them to any meal and they can make a great filler, sauce or main ingredient. Canned tomatoes are often a favourite as they can easily be added to pastas, soups or meat dishes to add extra flavour. If you never have the opportunity to visit the markets for fresh produce, you can always add canned vegetables to stir-fry’s, curries or pasta bakes for a more filling and appetizing meal.

canned food stock

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Rice is a great staple food that should always be kept in your pantry. If you are short on time, rice provides the perfect option, taking just over 10 minutes to cook through. While rice can often be added to meals, it can also be eaten as a side dish, complimenting most main meals very well.

Instant Soup

While it may not sound like the most substantial or filling meal, surprisingly, instant soup sachets can be used as a base for many dishes and to create rich flavours in sauces. Having the products in your pantry to make the most out of left overs is a great way to get a little bit creative in the kitchen, while saving a lot money. For instance, creating a heart-warming chicken noodle soup, in colder winter months, is always a family favourite and can easily be achieved by using left over chicken pieces and instant chicken noodle soup. While the instant soup may not be a substantial meal by itself, the protein of the added chicken makes it filling and pleasing on a cold winter’s day.

Canned Fish

Again, canned fish might not sound like your ideal dinner choice, however it does provide a great option for those short on time. If you’ve got some pasta in the cupboard, you can transform a meal by making a spicy chill tuna pasta bake, a favourite that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

While many pantry items don’t initially sound appetizing, add them to a boring pasta dish or a bland rice dish and you are sure to have a new family favorite.

Dianna is a chef at the Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. She says that these five foods might not be the most interesting but they will help you throw together a quick and easy meal. Dianna is currently writing a Frugal Living Cookbook full of easy and cheap meals.


  1. I like this topic it helps me to remember the things that are very important in the kitchen. I love cooking because for me its one way of showing how much you love the person you wanted to eat the food that I cooked.

  2. Maricris says:

    Anything would do… As long as I have my favorite food:)

  3. Ice Correa-Gastala says:

    Thanks a lot for this tip. I got an idea now what to buy on my next groceries. Breads maybe one of them too. I always eat Instant soup in the morning with matching breads. As long as we have food in our fridge will never get hungry.

  4. Pasta should always be in stock in the kitchen,not because it’s easy to cook but because you could cook amazing foods with it.For the instant soup,I may not agree because most instant soups have only little nutrition,and you maybe risking your health and body with it.If I may also suggest,not only canned fish should be in stock but all kinds of canned goods like corned beef,beef loaf,meat loaf,beans,and others.

  5. I always try not to fill my pantry with canned goods really. Given they are very useful and handy but I am really trying to minimize using them. I only buy what I need. I have little kids and I want them to learn and eat fresh fruits and veggies as as much as I can. Not even the instant soup. Maybe I’m just a health conscious.


    My ever regular schedule during Sunday is to buy groceries including pasta,rice, instant soup and canned fish.It’s really important to stock those food specially nowadays that weather is very uncertain.I wonder if Philippines also have Extreme Couponing? So I can stock more food in my pantry.I like this article!

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