Winter Thermals – Back On Trend Or A Fashion Faux Pas?

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Winter thermals are not seen as the most attractive pieces of attire and visions of grey looking items that old men wear may well come to mind. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter thermals are now considered a fashionable item to wear. If the ‘Onesie’ can become a global phenomenon, then designers have much more to play with thermal underwear and other unsung heroes of winter thermals.


Skiers have long worn thermal underwear and let’s face it, who sees it? Skiing is considered very glamorous and skiers have to keep warm. Looking sophisticated and glamorous wouldn’t be very easy if one was shivering. Skiers are not concerned about what’s worn under their skiwear. They need to keep warm. The beautiful people can be seen on the ski pistes throughout the world, if they can do it, so can we.

Winter Thermals are Chic & Sophisticated

Oh yes they are. Very much so. Thermals are close-fitting for a reason and this keeps in body heat. Tops are available in many designs and there are camisole tops in thermal fabrics which are very elegant and chic. The famous ‘long johns’ are now called ‘leggings’ and leggings are all the rage. If leggings can be worn in public with little else, then leggings certainly can be worn inside to keep warm. Comfortable and the height of fashion. What’s not to like? Long-sleeved thermal close-fitting tops are seen on men and women. Available in many designs and no longer just available in white. There is a vast range of long-sleeved thermal tops on the market and designs range from the wild to old-fashioned plain.

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Thermal Socks & Tights

Absolutely vital items for winter. If you’ve pins to die for, then over-the-knee thermal socks can be worn with skirts. If Sarah Jessica Parker can get away with it in the fashion capital that is New York City, then there is nothing to stop you. Over-the-knee thermal socks are quite the fashion statement and can be worn anywhere. Thermal tights are available from all major fashion stores and come in a fabulous range of designs and colours. Keeping warm without compromising on style is easy with thermal socks and tights.

Not Just Underwear

When we think of thermal clothing, we think of underwear. But winter thermal outerwear is now considered a high area of fashion. Winter sportswear is all thermal and weatherproof and the race each year for new designs for winter thermal outerwear is just as hot on the market as party dresses.

Thermal underwear has raised a titter or two over the decades and what was once thought to be a fashion disaster, is now available in a wide range of designs and from top designers. Winter thermals are without a doubt back on trend. You may not be making a fashion statement with winter thermals, but you’ll definitely be buying into a trend with the designs and ranges available on the market. Winter thermals are the nation’s best kept secret and have never been unfashionable.

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