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Most would shudder at the idea of winter fishing—after all, fishing in the cold can definitely be an uncomfortable experience. However, there are ways to survive the harsh conditions of winter if you are passionate about fishing. By wearing the correct fishing clothing gear, you’d be sure that you are going to be protected against the cold as you continue fishing.

Here are some tips you can use so that winter fishing would be a fun and comfortable experience. Choosing the right gear is always the first step in helping you stay warm even under extreme conditions.

Layering is definitely important.

It takes more than a jacket and rain coat to help you stay warm during the winter when you fish. If you know how to layer clothes, keeping warm won’t pose too much of a problem. Look for clothing that is made from synthetic material so that it’s going to be comfortable and would help you stay dry.

Fishing Clothing

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The outer layer of your fishing gear should offer the best form of protection.

You now know that layering is key if you want to stay warm and comfortable while fishing during winter. Choose Gore-Tex suits and jackets because the material has been proven to provide warmth and keep you warm against the cold. This waterproof material is just perfect as an outer layer for your fishing gear. Pick wading boots fit you well so you will feel comfortable while wearing it. Don’t let it be too tight so that it will not block circulation. Parka hoods are your best bet because they offer maximum protection against the snow and cold. Gloves also should be part of your fishing gear because there’s nothing worse than fishing with cold, icy fingers. Choose neoprene gloves for the perfect support. Hats also are great in providing protection against the sun and protect your eyes for a clearer vision.

Pick the best materials for layering clothing underneath your jackets.

It’s always a good decision to choose nylon, acrylic, or polyester as materials for your clothes underneath your suit or jacket. Layer clothes made from synthetic material. What you can do is to layer synthetic fabric closest to your skin, and then top it off with synthetic fleece. This outfit can definitely keep you warm and help you withstand the cold and rain. As much as possible, stay away from cotton because it retains moisture and isn’t capable of insulation when it becomes wet.

Don’t forget your legs and feet!

If you plan on wading on the water, make sure that your feet and legs are protected, too. Socks that are made from nylon or wool are important—wear them with your waders so that it can help provide insulation.

Don’t let winter ruin your plans for that perfect fishing getaway. Just remember to  pick the right fishing clothing gear so that you will stay warm and be protected.

Mark enjoys fishing, no matter what the season. However winter fishing has become more enjoyable since discovering Stormline’s fishing clothing.

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