Why Is Appearance So Important?

Nowadays people care about the way that they look more than they ever have before and generally if you feel you look good you’ll be much more confident. There’s no doubting the fact that your physical appearance affects the way that you act and therefore the way that you come across to other people. There are some people who are naturally beautiful or handsome so they obviously have the edge in society but the majority of us have to work a little harder to look good when we’re out in public.
Looking good is a costly affair nowadays too as it involves skin care, make-up, hair products and of course clothes and accessories. That’s not even including trips to salons and spas for the ultimate beautifying treatments. When you consider how much time people spend in front of the mirror or out shopping you’ll probably begin to wonder why people bother.


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The truth is that there is a long list of reasons why people care so much about what they look like and here are just a few of the reasons on it.
o    People who look good – whether it’s physically or fashionably – attract a lot more people to their social circles.
o    People may use their looks or fashion sense to try and impress people in social situations.
o    A lot of people will dress to impress in a business environment because when you’re trying to close deals with clients and impress your colleagues it’s essential to give them the right impression.
o    You might not think so but looking good and feeling good is actually strongly connected.
o    Building relationships is a huge reason why people want to look good. If you’re easy on the eye and dress well then you’ll be more attractive to members of the opposite sex.
o    Appearance also matters in well established relationships such as marriage; after spending years together it’s important to keep on top of your appearance otherwise it’s easy for relationships to turn sour and partners to go out and find someone new.
o    Looking good also boosts your confidence and self-esteem. If you look good you’re guaranteed to pull a compliment which reassures your beliefs about the way that you look. In certain professions a good appearance is a huge benefits; in a sales environment for example, a good looking and well-dressed salesman is likely to sell more than someone whose dress sense isn’t as sharp.
o    Finally, good dress sense not only improves your self-esteem but also your personality too as you’re much more likely to speak up and break away from the crowd if you know you look good.

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