What Women Don’t Like About Men’s Clothes

Men and women’s approaches to style could not, for the most part, be more different and, as such, there are trends that the two sexes will never understand about each other. Whereas men are often unable to understand why the fair sex will cause pain to their own feet in tight fitting heels which cause damage to their arches and, ultimately, even bunions, women can never understand why many men believe that simply sporting a pair of white trainers as a go to option for any occasion is appropriate. Here are a few more items that women simply don’t understand about men’s wardrobes.

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Scoop Neck Tops
Whilst it would seem many men think that wearing low cut t-shirts, aimed at exposing male cleavage, are the height of modern masculinity, many women believe that the shirts are a contemporary equivalent of the narcissistic 1970’s practice of leaving a shirt unbuttoned down the front. Not only does it make the wearer seem like a poseur, it also makes them appear like a dated boy band member.

Shiny Suits

Although many men believe that giving a traditional suit a modern make-over with the use of shiny material constitutes a becoming look, ladies are unlikely to agree. There is a reason that George Clooney is considered one of Hollywood’s biggest heart throbs and best dressed men – his ability to keep his clothing simple and elegant means he is never short of sartorial perfection. Thus Clooney is never seen in a shiny suit. The fact that no shoes will compliment this material makes them an even more mysterious proposition as to why they are favoured by many men.

Pointy Shoes

Pointy shoes, also known as winkle-pickers, are the formal footwear of choice of many a man despite their fondness for the style not being shared by females. Oftentimes, particularly on smaller men who plump for the footwear style, the shoes will make the wearer appear to be in possession of clown sized feet; the look is rarely flattering.

Short Sleeved Shirts

The height of “pub casual” are often seen as a half-hearted substitute for more conventional smart shirts. Whilst men will find them practical, ladies will often see them as lazy. Particularly when teamed with a pair of jeans and white trainers.

Tucked In Jeans

In recent years, a number of men have decided that the best way to get people to see their footwear is to tuck their jeans or trousers into the top of a pair of boots, thus stopping them from being obscured. It is in approach favoured by models, for practical reasons of photography, who are showing off footwear for various brands campaigns – the look does not really translate into less artificial situations though and leaves the wearer looking vain and ludicrous simultaneously.

Slogan Tops

T-shirt sprawled with slogans probably hit the height of their popularity in the 1980s with protest tops and Wham’s iconic attempts at the style polemic examples. It would seem, rather peculiarly, that the t-shirts are making something of a comeback with men trying to fit “edgy” slogans on to their clothes as a conversation starter. Many women, however, are not half as impressed at the juvenile sloganeering as men would think.

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