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There are so often times we when we feel a bit stuck in a rut and in need of a refresh, particularly at the start of a New Year or when we have another birthday. Though we see celebrities everyday who seem to change their entire look overnight, not all of us are blessed with endless cash and a stylist or two on hand. The good news is that actually a few small changes here and there can transform your look without a massive spend or endless hours spent at the salon or gym.


Most of us have a plentiful supply or neutral or basic clothing in our wardrobe. These are the mainstay of our daily dress code but also the culprits for making us feel a bit dowdy sometimes. This is where accessories come in. Choosing the right ones can not only update your look but also make you fall in love with those basics once more. Chiffon scarves come in a million shades and are an inexpensive way to inject the season’s on trend colours. A new handbag or bold piece of jewellery can also have the same impact.


Of course a change of wardrobe will put a spring in your step. Again just a couple of new on trend pieces is enough to have you feeling a new person. Introducing items that are high fashion but can complement everything else in your wardrobe is the ideal way to update without having re-invent ourselves completely. A pretty cardigan in an on trend shade is easy to slip on over a plain blouse or dress and yet the splash of colour will lift your look instantly. This year pastels are key, as are bold stripes or geometric prints so take your pick. A fitted blazer style jacket is also a good option. Though they have always been a work wear staple, they are having a fashion moment right now that looks set to stay for a while. They can update a plain jean and shirt instantly.

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Though it’s not on immediate view, changing your foundations can transform you look too. Shape wear has really come of age and now is available to provide an incredible range of solutions, from tummy trimming to bottom lifting. A good set will smooth out lumps and bumps and have your clothes hanging perfectly. You’ll feel great which will radiate a confidence, in turn making you look fabulous from within as well as on the outside.


Most of us found a make-up look that we’re comfortable with applying years ago and haven’t even thought about changing since. A change of beauty routine is a great way to transform your look so it’s a good idea to experiment with new colours, textures and styles every so often. As the seasons change, so does the light and as we age our colouring can change too. So, what suited us five or ten years ago may not be doing the best for us now. For an instant transformation, then we all know the wonders that a slick of darker or brighter lipstick can perform.


A new haircut is a great image refresher but not quite instant enough sometimes. Though as teens we seemed to have hours to spend experimenting with new styles in the mirror, when we get older most of us somehow stop doing that altogether. Again we settle into a comfortable style and stick to it. There is something to be said for knowing what suits you but, at the same time, if you fancy a transformation, then switching from wearing your hair down to an easy up-do, such as a simple, chignon will work wonders. Just putting in a couple of clips will make a remarkable change just be lifting your hair away from your face.

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