Update Your Look-5 Helpful Options for Guys

Even for the smartest guys, one thing can remain a huge challenge: looking stylish and current. If you’re one of the many affected by this problem, take comfort in the fact that it’s easy to fix.

Here are five tips and options you can choose from or combine to cultivate an individual – yet classic – appearance.

1) Harness the Power of a Clean Shave


Sometimes, all you need to clean up an already great look is a clean shave. When you’re going for a job interview or first date, it helps to put your best face forward.

Some men prefer to have a little five o’clock shadow going on, though, and that is OK, too – just know the time and place.


2) Enlist Assistance While Shopping


It’s no secret that most of us can’t stand shopping for clothes, yet it must be done sometimes.

Since most salespeople work on commission, they may not be giving you their honest opinion on the way a sport shirt or pair of slacks fit. This is why you should bring someone along, like a girlfriend or your best friend, to give you an honest assessment of items before you purchase them.


3) Try New Things Sometimes


Although you may love to wear polo t-shirts at all times, there is something to be said for mixing it up a bit. Think of it this way: you will never know how great that light blue button-down looks unless you give it a chance.

Be open to giving new styles and colors a try sometimes to keep your appearance up to date.


4) Look Beyond Brands


While it is OK to have a favorite company when it comes to the pants, shoes or other items that fit you best, it is also smart to branch out sometimes.

Try a few new retailers that offer a high level of quality and some interesting options in terms of fit and style.

Brooks Brothers

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5) Skip Things That Are Super Trendy


Even though it’s smart to mix things up, that doesn’t mean that you should become a slave to trends. Sometimes it’s good to stick to what looks good (for example, rugby shirts for men) in new hues, rather than dropping big bucks on a pair of over-designed jeans or logo tees.

One place to get all the fashion staples you need is Brooks Brothers. Go online today to start shopping with this or another fine retailer.

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