Tips On Caring For Your Chucks

Chuck TaylorsSince 1908, Converse has produced popular athletic and casual shoes. Their most popular shoe to date, the Chuck Taylor All Stars, have become a staple in pop culture. Originally intended as a basketball shoe, Chucks have been made popular by rockers, skateboarders and hip-hop superstars alike. The only sport to use this “athletic” shoe today is powerlifting, due to the flat rubber sole that makes for a stable base during squats and deadlifts.

And, of course, the fashion scene has paired Chucks with assorted fashion trends over the years. From Kanye West to Natalie Portman, there isn’t a celebrity that doesn’t have a pair, or two! That being said, whether you’re a hipster, trendsetter or just somewhere in between there’s most definitely a pair of Chucks out there for you.

Chucks come in many unique colors and styles. They can even be customized to match their owners in various creative ways. And having one pair is never enough. There are high tops and low tops, bright colors, neutral colors and unique patterns for the whole family. Essentially, you could rock a pair of Chucks with any outfit!

As such, cleaning and maintaining your Chucks may not be as straightforward as a regular pair of sneakers. Here are five tips on caring for your Chucks:

Cleaning Your Chucks

When caring for your Chucks, it’s best to take care of any stains as they happen, rather than waiting to clean them. Never use any bleach or washing compound containing a bleach agent. This will decrease the tensile strength of the fabric. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to wash out dirt and stains. It’s perfectly safe to wash your Chucks in a washing machine with warm water and mild liquid clothing detergent. However, avoid pouring detergent directly on the shoes.

Dry Shoes Naturally

After washing, place your Chucks in a well-vented place at normal temperature. Make sure your shoes are fully dry before wear. Avoid placing them in sunlight or excessive heat, as this could cause fading and lessen the quality of the material and color. Never put your chucks in the dryer!

Lacing Instructions

When lacing your Chucks, take the time to straighten out the laces so that they are not all twisted. This will ensure that your laces last longer and look better too! Also, be sure to adjust the tongue so that it is centered under both rows of eyelets. This will make your shoe fit more comfortably and stay securely tired.

Wear Comfortable Socks

While wearing your Chucks, it’s important to also wear quality socks. Socks will help to absorb perspiration, thus prolonging the life of your chucks. Good socks will also keep your feet in good condition.

Whiter Soles

Looking to freshen up your Chucks? After shoes are clean and dry, carefully apply a thin layer of shoe whitener to the toecaps and soles for whiter soles. Then, allow the whitener to dry completely before wear. This will keep your Chucks looking brand new!

Depending on how your wear your chucks and the amount of stress you put on them, Converse shoes typically last a long time. Following these tips and taking good care of your Chucks will ensure that you have a simple, elegant and sturdy shoe that will never go out of style!

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Liz Granger is a freelance writer and fashionista. She loves matching her favorite shoes with the latest fashion. Liz believes that Chuck Taylors are the most comfortable shoes out there, and she has a pair in every color!

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