There’s a Hipster for Everybody

The fad in outer garments now includes hipster shorts, hipster skirts, low-rise jeans and all other fashion items that go around the area below the belly button.  Unless you are wearing underpants with designer labels on wide waistbands that are meant to be shown above you belts or fly, it’s not nice to see the garter of your underwear above your favorite bottom wear.  On the other hand, a woman could be misunderstood and perceived to be “slutty”—pardon the language, if the strings of a thong are showing out of your pants. NO matter how irresistible and eye-catchy your undergarments look, they are usually meant to be intimate and should stay under your garments.  As huge as the impact your panty has to your mood and attitude, it can send wrong messages about you if they show through or above your clothes at the wrong place and the wrong time.

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That is why for those belly-exposing outfits here come the hipsters.  Hipsters are underwear with waistbands that go around your hips or those that rise just a little above your pubic bone.  Today, though there are still those who go for granny panties for whatever reason, hipsters are very popular among women.  They can be worn under any garment, even with the comeback of high-waist fashion pieces.  With so many colors and designs to choose from, there is always a hipster that will suit your taste and your lifestyle.

There are hipsters that are available in basic colors that suit the taste of women who prefer comfort and function over self-expression.  Hipsters, on the other hand can be “hip” or “funky” with bold graphic prints, bright colors and loud expressions printed at the back part.These types are perfect for those with bolder and upbeat personalities.  For women who prefer to be sultry and mysterious, there are hipsters with designs that have a more romantic touch.  These hipsters are usually made with lovely decorations of ruffles and bows on more delicate and revealing fabric.

As mentioned earlier, it is not all the time that your show your undies publicly, but hipsters in adorable designs and fabric can make you feel great and comfortable under any clothing. Women love them because they are available in so many styles that compliment their personality in addition to the support that they give to your buttocks.  You may even find one that if it ever peeped out of you low rise jeans, they rather look flirty but not raunchy.

Jenny Caroll, writer and editor, loves writing about lingerie collection. Get hipster in various sizes and all body types. Women deserve only the best-quality and beautiful lingerie!

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