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Anyone who has tried to go shopping in Korea likely knows that there are people EVERYWHERE. They literally multiply as you go from shop to shop, making it nearly impossible to find clothes without someone bumping into your elbow. Of course, that makes it difficult as a consumer because places like Seoul have some of the most high class fashion in the world and leaving without something would be a shame. Now, you can find Korea fashion online with one click.

You can not only shop conveniently from your home on Korean sites but when you shop online you can enjoy the same great deals during certain times of the month without the hassle of fighting other people looking for the same deals on Korea fashion items.

Of course there are always great deals to be found on Korea fashion items and knowing when to buy makes it easier to find the best deals in town!

Korea Fashion Winter Coats

If you are looking for a new winter coat from some of the most popular Asian designers, you should wait until January or February. During these months, the winter clothes are on sale because spring clothes are around the corner.

yellow long quilted women korean style winter coat

brown warm fur korean long cute women winter coat


dirty pink white fur warm winter coat

Shoes and Suits

For shoes, like tennis shoes, you want to look in November and April. In November Asian designers want to clear the shelves for winter boots and such while in April, new casual runners are looking for shoes.

One of the best aspects about Asian fashion is their suits. The suits you can find from Korean tailors are already inexpensive enough compared to other worldwide designers but if you buy in January—historically one of the slowest months for suits—you can receive even bigger discounts and every penny saved counts!

For swimsuits, you want to start buying in September when Asian retailers want to get them off their real or virtual shelves.

brown women asian style boots


If you want Asian designer jeans, the best time to buy is in October. Online retailers will have great sales on jeans in October because it is right after all of the back-to-school sales have ended and denim is no longer the hot ticket item.

But you must be cautious when shopping for deals like this. Even if these are the best months to find great discounts on these items, there is a very small window between finding great sales and finding almost no selection.

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