The ‘How To’ Guide On Washing Jeans

Protecting Your Investment

A pair of men’s jeans should be treated like capital you have placed into a start-up business. You should do everything you can to ensure you protect and will get a return on your investment. With designer men’s jeans becoming more popular along with raw denim, and even regular jeans from the high street starting to cost more, making them last is becoming ever more important.

Following care label instructions and a good detergent is only half the battle. Do bear in mind however that power detergent will only dissolve in warm water, so if you plan to wash your jeans in cooler temperatures then liquid detergent will be the best solution. Ever ended up with that yucky white powder on your jeans or other clothes? That is because your detergent didn’t dissolve.

Degrees Of Seperation

When sorting through laundry prior to washing, keep jeans entirely separate from other items of clothing. As well as this, new jeans or jeans which are excessively dirty should also be separated, too. Keeping up? New jeans should ideally be washed alone for the first few washes, as this will do the most good in terms of preserving the colour. This is especially important with darker jeans, as these becoming distressed to early will leave you feeling like you have wasted a lot of money. As well as ruining the jeans, the bleeding of the dye will also do damage to other clothes if you wash them together. Turning darker jeans inside out can slow down and prevent the bleeding process.

Take care of your jeans when you are washing them, it is advisable to only half fill the washing machine when you are washing jeans, as denim requires a lot of space to be fully saturated and cleaned properly.

Dry your jeans naturally unless there is specific advice on the label regarding using a spin dryer. Drying jeans in a spin dryer increases the risk of them shrinking.

Specific For Each Jean

Be prepared to adjust your washing habits to make the most of your men’s jeans. If you have invested in raw denim, for example, they will likely come with specific instructions for washing and getting the effect you want. There are many different ways to take care of men’s jeans, both to ensure they are long lasting as well as delivering a great look. Research different methods online in addition to those we have discussed here.

There are many different ways to wear and take care of men’s jeans.


  1. Ann Hannity says:

    You have really very nice shared with us. I totally agree with you to wash your jeans in cooler temperatures then liquid detergent will be the best solution. But I was unable to wash my clothes itself cause I live in hostel and I have no time to clean my clothes itself cause of my study so I always taking laundry service to clean my clothes but this article provide very help for every one who has washing clothes itself and don’t know how to wash it.

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