The Best Ways To Turn Heads

When was the last time that you felt sexy and confident? Maybe it was a romantic first date with a new crush or maybe it was a night out with friends. If you feel like it’s been too long since you made a great impression on a crowd, check out the following ways to turn heads. With everything from adding some new cute dresses and tops to your wardrobe to being more positive, there is something here for everyone.


One of the sexiest qualities a person can exude is confidence. If you aren’t all that confident, it’s never too late to start raising your standard. Carry yourself with a relaxed but tall posture, smile often, and make good eye contact. These displays will go a long way toward exhibiting confidence that will grab any guy’s attention.

Remain Positive

Being positive can also make a big difference with the first impression that you make on guys. It’s important to combat any negativity that you have about dating so you don’t compromise your ability to meet new people. If this seems like an overwhelming task, start small. For example, if you believe that there are no good single men, challenge yourself to talk to at least one new man who seems really nice every time you’re out with friends.

Find the Best in Yourself

What characteristic or feature about yourself makes you the most proud? Regardless of what that characteristic is, make sure that you have some cute dresses in your collection that accentuate it. Putting your best foot forward increases your confidence, making the earlier tip about confidence that much easier to follow, and increases your chances of catching the eye of someone who admires your strong features.

Wear Something Cute

It may seem shallow, but appearance does matter. Wearing well-tailored clothes and maintaining healthy hair shows the world that you take yourself seriously. Invest in a good haircut and get recommendations from your salon about hair products to use on a daily basis. Dress as though you’re ready to meet Mr. Right any time you head out of your house. Don’t forget to include a pop of color in an outfit and to wear perfume.

Now that you’ve caught a guy’s eye, what do you do next? It isn’t going to count for much if you don’t get to talk to him. Make eye contact and take in a deep, slow breath. While you let it out, give a little smile and think to yourself: “You know you want to head over this way and talk to me.” Glance away slightly and think of something charming to say when he makes his way over to you.

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