Suggestions for Swimsuit Selection

Summer, vacations, swimming, and sunbathing, all of these conjure up thought of swimsuits at some time. Instead of cringing at the thought of the picture you might have of yourself in one of those things, do some basic things to lose a few winter pounds, and get serious about making the best use of your time finding a good bathing suit. Since the prices vary quite widely, do a little homework online to get a look at what is available. However, there are also some basic suggestions with the goal of making this as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Know Your Body

Know your body shape. What parts are you not as fond of: the hips, waist, or bust? Nowadays you can locate a swimsuit willing to work with these unfavorable parts in unbelievable ways. Some garments control certain parts; tummy control, for example. While some, just by their design, enhance the bust, or slim the hips. When you are contemplating your body shape, remember dark colors make things look smaller and bright colors or patterns accentuate. V-necks and ruffles enlarge the look of the area they adorn, so, for example, a bright fuchsia top with ruffles will enhance the bust. Now is also the time to consider what the suit will look like when it is wet. A white, unlined swimsuit is no doubt not the best choice for the water.
Before Going Shopping

To get an accurate idea of what you will look like in your new swimsuit, prepare your body before going shopping. In other words, this is a good time to try a highly recommended and safe hair removal system. In addition, if you have an old bathing suit you can use for tanning and you anticipate a light to moderate tan, ask a reputable salon what they recommend; should you begin tanning with your old suit, or wait till you have your new one. I personally do not like tanning and just prefer to cut the grass or garden in short shorts and bikini tops, using a good moisturizing sunscreen. Even though the resulting tan is not as dark, my skin will not be as susceptible to damaging sun’s rays. It’s something to consider. In addition, do remember to wear underwear that you will leave on while trying on swimsuits. All stores have these reminders posted and on the suit itself, so make sure you go prepared.
Purpose of Swimsuit

What activity will you be doing while in your new swimsuit? Will it be lap swimming for exercise, playing beach volleyball, or sun bathing? Probably if you will be actively swimming, you might consider a one-piece suit that will ensure a proper fit for water exercise and lap swim. Playing beach volleyball or badminton, you could most likely wear a two-piece, again making sure of an appropriate and secure fit. Sunbathing or bumming in most cases means being covered adequately so as not to embarrass and/or offend other occupants of the beach or poolside. To communicate your respect for your neighbors, invest in an attractive cover-up: maybe a sarong, terry dress, shorts, or wraps. Also, if you plan varied activities, you might want to purchase an extra swimsuit.
Don’t Hurry, Be Happy

Make sure you allow time to try on and carefully decide the qualities you like best about the suit, but most of all how you feel in it. Being in a hurry to make your purchase could lead to disastrous results and a less than enjoyable trip.  And having a hurried, frustrated attitude makes for a long, wasted day with no purchase, and who wants to have to do this all over again? So take your time and maintain a good attitude.
Panic Free Shopping

Summer has arrived and you have plans to spend quality weekends relaxing, or big plans to ease into a new exercise routine that includes swimming, or even bigger plans to enjoy time on a cruise and now you need a swimsuit. No need to panic, help is near. After reading over these suggestions for swimsuit selection, you should be equipped for your shopping trip. As we all know, real life women do not come airbrushed, so relax, be practical, and enjoy this excursion.

Elisa Garret is a freelance writer and travel expert who is very knowledgeable when it comes to swimwear. She loves to write about travel and recently wrote an article about her stay at a luxury resort in Mexico.

Photo Credit: Jason Christopher


  1. Wow! I so loved this article. It sure helps me a lot to understand and gives me an idea in selecting a swimsuit. All of the topic is great! From picking up a swimsuit, preparation for shopping, awareness of one’s body and some important tips to remember.

  2. aiza laureles says:

    i wish i have a perfect body so that i would not be so repulsive in wearing a swimsuit. i so love this items that i always buy one when summer months approach but i never have the courage to wear it outside in the beach…

  3. kathleenrose says:

    this article is a nice to know one..specially during summer seasons and even in a gives people an idea how to choose the right and proper swimsuit to wear during the helps minimize persons time in choosing a swimsuit that is nice and good to see..

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