Steps to Choosing a Pair of Netball Shoes

Netball is a very unique sport, but just like other types of physical sports, it places many demands on the body. Among the most important skill in this sport, however, is footwork. For that reason, it is crucial that anyone involved in the sport knows how to choose the right pair of footwear. Netball involves a lot of frequent twisting and pivoting, and the wrong pair of shoes may increase the risk for injuries while playing the game. Aside from preventing injuries, the right pair of netball shoes can also increase a player’s performance on the court. Here are several steps to help you choose the perfect pair of netball shoes:

Test the Midsole

Your primary consideration when choosing a pair of netball shoes is the midsole. The feet bends naturally across the ball of the foot so the footwear you choose should also be able to do the same. The midsole should be stable, however, and not be excessively flexible. You can test the stability of the midsole of a shoe by bending it downwards. You will notice that many types of shoes have ‘cut outs’ in the midsole. This is to make the shoe lighter, but you wouldn’t want to pick such a type of footwear because the cut out actually compromises the stability of the shoes.

Check the Rear and Fore Foot

A good pair of netball shoes should have cushioning on both the rear and fore foot. This provides excellent grip on any type of surface, whether indoors or outdoors. This also provides extra cushioning and shock absorption since netball players usually hit the court at five times their body weight.

Examine the Outsole

Outsole durability is a major concern to a lot of netball players. A good pair of netball shoes should have an outsole that offers excellent traction. Unlike with running shoes that need to have flexible outsoles, netball shoes should have outsoles that are tough since they receive most of the punishment in the netball court.

Consider Shoe Ventilation

While ventilation does little in improving performance or reducing risks for injury, it is nonetheless an important factor to consider when choosing a pair of netball shoes. Breathability of the shoes should be excellent as to minimize the perspiration that may lead to bacterial infection.

There are other factors you need to consider when shopping for netball shoes like your budget and the brand of the shoes. However, regardless of whether it’s a pair of Adidas or ASICS netball shoes you’re looking to purchase, these four elements should always be included in your decision-making.

Finally, avoid making the mistake of selecting a pair of shoes that’s not suited to your requirements. And most importantly, avoid buying a pair simply because it is the cheapest option you have. According to studies, the perfect pair of shoes will not only feel better on your feet and improve your performance, but will also last longer.

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