Returning Styles from a Bygone Era

When moving forward, we often take inspiration from the past. The mistakes we have made and the triumphs we have accomplished. This can be especially true in the world of clothing, where decades and styles continually go in and out of fashion.

vintage women’s clothing

Go to a trendy coffee shop or art gallery and you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time to the 1960’s with the amount of vintage clothing on display. One of the key reasons that particular era has seen such a massive popularity boom in recent years is surely the success of the hit AMC television series Mad Men.

Sex on TV

Every now and again a television show will come long which heavily influences Western fashion taste, Sex And The City did it and Mad Men has usurped the fashionista throne since its premiere in 2007. Although the show demonstrates the seedy underbelly which occupied New York in the 60s, the glitz and the glamour of the fashion has struck a chord with many – after all, the show is based around the superficial and the attractive. This is not restricted to women’s fashion, however. Many men have taken to replicating the suave debonair swagger which the lead character Don Draper uses to his advantage. Cocktail dresses and slick suits are back in big demand and considering the cool and collected demeanour they resonate, that can only be a good thing.

Party Like it’s 1969

Even if the vintage look is not for you in your everyday life, it should be noted that many people are choosing to have themed cocktail parties, allowing friends and family to participate in a situation which they would never have previously engaged in. The men can go for cigars and hard liquor while the women chat – situations like this are obviously not widespread in modern society, allowing the party to take a novelty atmosphere are participants get into the theme of the era.

High Heels and High Streets

Shopping for these vintage items can often be half the fun, as there is nothing like the thrill of discovering an absolute bargain when browsing through charity shops and vintage stores. This allows many items of vintage clothing to be purchased for extremely reasonable amounts, when compared to the price tags which go with modern fashion. Restoring these items to their former glory can also be a rewarding way to assemble outfits, especially if the garment was in less than perfect condition, but you saw that glimmer of potential within.

If you are interested in purchasing any articles of vintage women’s clothing you can easily browse online stores.

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