Power Dressing For Men – Top Ways For Men To Look More Impressive

When we put together a look for ourselves there are lots of things that most of us want to achieve. Of course we want to be true to our personalities, we obviously want to look attractive, and we’ll be trying to be on-trend as well in most cases. For men though one of the singular biggest aims is often to look impressive and particularly in the dating and work arenas. Looking impressive means looking capable, looking confident and looking successful and achieving this will give people you meet more faith in your abilities. That means that women will presume you to be more capable of taking care of them, and clients and employers will think you better able to do a good job and more worthy of employment.

So there are lots of good reasons to strive to look impressive, but how can you go about creating a look that suggests power and success just from people looking at you? Here we will look at some of the top things to consider…


If you want to look impressive then it’s no good being incredibly thin or over weight. Looking fit and healthy will mean you look more physically capable and this will mean people estimate your abilities higher. Likewise when you look toned and lean you will look like someone who is capable of sticking to a training routine and that again will make you look more like a force to be reckoned with. You’re fit suits better too.

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They say that the amount you spend on your hair cut should directly relate to how much money you get trusted with at work. By looking like someone with money in their pocket, you will look like someone who gets paid well at work and so must be reliable and talented. This is what’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy – the more you look and act like you belong in a position of power and trust, the more people will treat you that way and the sooner you’ll rise through the ranks. Don’t have lots of cash spare? Then pay for one stylish haircut when there’s an offer on, then ask subsequent stylists to cut it in the same shape.


Some people say that clothes maketh the man, but all that’s really important here is that you look like you made and effort and like you know what you’re doing. Wear your usual dark jeans and a shirt out but add a jacket and you’ll find you get a lot more attention from women as a result. And don’t forget the smaller details! Your watch, belt and shoes are the accessories that round off your look and the devil is very much in the details here.

Tan and Teeth

Heading to tanning salons is another way you can look like a more formidable individual. Having a tan suggests you spend time outdoors which again hints at health and vitality. At the same time a tan will also make your skin look healthier meaning that there are fewer flaws to be seen, and meaning your teeth and eyes look whiter in contrast. You should also spend some time maintaining your teeth and developing a confident and dashing smile – so consider whitening treatments or veneers if necessary.


Finally you need to flaunt your wares correctly to really ooze confidence and charisma. Use broader gestures when talking, walk as though you have to be somewhere in a hurry, and use physical contact when greeting and talking to people and you will give off the vibe of an alpha male.

Athena Hunt is a fashion consultant who enjoys blogging in her free time. She shares beauty, fashion and self improvement tips in her blog. She tells her readers to invest in a good pair of shoes as they can change the way you carry yourself.

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