New Styles of Leggings are Trend

Printed and lace splice leggings are at the top of the new fashion trends of 2012. As the summer ends and autumn begins, body shaping pants are starting to be the sexy and comfortable fashion trend. Nearly every retail clothing store that promotes women’s fashions sell shaped-to-fit pants that can be styled with many accessories.

Ideas to Accessorize

For the colder seasons, tight pants work well with stylish, loose-fitting sweaters and ankle high boots. You can also wear a form-fitting shirt that extends slightly beyond the hips with body shaping pants. Leggings also look great with pumps, especially shaped-to-fit pants, and if you want to dress down the look, try accessorizing your pants with sneakers. You may also add layers by wearing a mini skirt over the pants; wrap a winter scarf around your neck, and slightly cover your shirt with a blazer.

Animal Prints

Animal prints as well as other colorful prints are very popular now. The animal print styles definitely stand out over other styles of leggings. As the animal prints resemble the fiercest wild animals, many women love to reveal the edgy side of their personality by wearing animal print pants. Other bold and colorful patterns, which you will notice in many of the popular women’s fashion retail stores, are also bold and edgy.

Leather Styles

Tight leather pants have also aroused the eyes of many people, and women have always loved to exude their sophisticated personalities by wearing leather fitted pants. Now, the leather trend is back in style with many different colors in addition to the conventional black leather styles. The leather styles are perfect for evening events and parties with the right accessories.

Denim Prints

Denim prints are not only great for jeans, but they also look great as comfortable-fitting pants. Denim printed shapely-formed pants are chic and sexy. Women can wear pants that resemble jeans, while at the same time experience the texture of comfortable attire.

Lace Splice Designs

Lace splice pants are also trending right now. They are edgy and sexy, and many women love to wear various designs of lace splicing pants. They look great with layers, and they are perfect as evening attire. Many of the lace splicing pants are found in solid colors, and the various designs along the pants make them appear alluring and captivating to many.


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The low prices of various popular styles of leggings are advantageous for many women who want to be stylish while remaining on a budget. Many high-end stores and clothing boutiques sell popular styles of shaped-to-fit pants, and the reasonable prices are within everyone’s budget. Because these pants are so flexible and accommodating with many accessories, women love to buy various styles of pants and match the pants with different shirts, jackets, and shoes. They allow you to have fun matching different outfits and using your creativity to accessorize your attire.

Various styles of curvaceous pants can be worn throughout all seasons. During the summer, style the pants with summer cropped tops, draped tops or bandeau tops. During the spring season, try adding layers to the tops such as light jackets or blazers. During the fall and winter seasons, layers are the perfect way to style tight-fitting pants.

Regina Frank is a freelance writer and avid shopper of Spanx.

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