Master the Trend of Colored Denims

With color blocking becoming a trend of many seasons now, it has not only seeped into accessories and shoes but also denims. You might love your classic blue denims but with so much color around, these colored denims are a must have in your wardrobe. Not only do they look preppy and chic but they also give you more options to combine and mix-match.

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  • Know Your Style – Are you someone who likes bold and bright colors or do you prefer the subtle shades more? Colored denims have an answer to everyone’s problems. For the bolder and experimental fashion side of you, the color blocking denims are available in many neon and bright shades. If you like to keep it light and want to go for a sweeter look, the nudes and the pastels are here to your rescue. Before you decide on sporting these colored denims, it is necessary that you know you style
  • Colors to Look Out For – As mentioned earlier, these denims are available in almost every shade imaginable. There is yellow, pink, purple, bright and cobalt blue, green, teal, grape, light blue, lavender, orange and many others. And yes, now you need not wait to wear your jazzy Halloween costumes to experiment with your look. Colored denims can now suit your tastes just right if you know how to carry them off correctly.
  • Tips To Wear Colored Denim – The following tips will help you with your newest fetish of colored denims. These are not only for wearing colored denims but for choosing denims in general –
  1. Fit – Colored denims bring out your assets and are only meant for you if you are confident from waist down. A bad fit is the death of denim, in general. You don’t want to be seen pulling and tugging at your sexy colored denims. There is no bigger fashion faux pas than denims that don’t have a comfortable fit.
  2. Body Type – Always choose a color on the basis of your body type. Lighter colors bring out your derriere and darker colors help in toning it down. Hence, always choose wisely.
  3. Shoes – You could go for pumps that are of a contrasting color to your denims, choose a bold color to look stylish and cool. You could also choose some earthy colored wedges or sandals for a light spring look.
  4. Top – Your top could be anything you are comfortable in – it could be a simple t-shirt or a nice blouse. Tank tops in neutral colors work great too.

Always make sure that you are comfortable with the color and fit of the denim and you will carry it off like a diva.

Kimmy James is a freelance writer and is well versed in writing on fashion and beauty related topics. In her free time, she loves to throw surprise parties for her friends and family. She recommends that you try party supplies from to buy stuff at discounted prices.


  1. Jobelle says:

    Denim is in! Not only for jeans but for jackets as well. They look so stylish and sexy especially the skinny jeans. I love royal blue or peach colored jeans when paired with white or black tops. 🙂

  2. Hey there! i love how teach us stuffs on how to have a denim be more attractive, super sexy,unique,and be preppy and chic. your love is amazing because i just been wondering how to style my colored denims and what to pair with it. So your blog really helped me!

  3. Dian Kris says:

    Being playful on what we wear is very common this days, most especially with teens who are following every new trend day after day. It is nice and fun to do this, just make sure that you are choosing the right mixes of colors that is right to your skin color. You should also know the right mixes of your dress styles. Learning this very common ideas would surely make you an eye caching fashion icon.

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