Is It Worth The Price Tag For Penfield Jackets?

Penfield is a designer brand that started in 1975, making smart men’s jackets, fleeces and outerwear. For many people, the brand really took off after the success of Barbour within the outerwear market. The clothing line is based in Hudson, Massachusetts. Although they primarily base themselves on being an outdoor brand, they have achieved much success in seeing their product released to high-end retail outlets, most notably Colette in France and Ediface in Japan.
As mentioned previously, the outdoor market has seen increased success over the past few years over the sportswear markets, therefore brands such as Barbour, North Face and Penfield have found their products in much more high-end department retail stores and also in boutique shops.
With its quality material featuring duck feathers internally within the jacket, it isn’t a surprise to see many in the UK sporting the brand of Penfield. However, as is common with the high quality labelled brands, the jackets are seeing more of an influx with the football market. Many football fans have opted for the brand because it is now perceived as a stylish expensive brand – a phenomenon that hit the brand perception of Thomas Burberry fairly hard.


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A good place to start if you are looking to purchase Penfield jackets are with the popular Kasson or Stapleton range or if you’re not opting for a coat or a jacket this winter there is always a great sweatshirt range which consists of Fairfax, Dunstone and Coxford style jumpers. They are likely to set you back up to £100, but you know that these jackets will last you all winter given the quality of the material used within them.
New ranges are coming out every year so if you’re looking for the latest jacket, head over to your nearest outlet or big department store such as House of Fraser etc. Have a browse round and choose which jacket you like best. If you’re more price conscious then have a look on the internet. You may be able to find a better deal than in most of the department stores as they have more overheads to cover.
If you’re not so bothered about having the latest Penfield jackets, then have a browse round the internet and look for some of last year’s range. This is where you can find prices significantly reduced – sometimes by as much as half – and can therefore grab yourself a great jacket for a bargain.

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