How Will Catwalk Styles Translate to Everyday Fashion in 2013?

Each and every year in men’s fashion – probably more than in women’s, in fact – one only has to look at what the world’s top designers highlight at their catwalk shows to know that none of those items are ever likely to be worn by the everyday gent.

Of course, there is a whole world of difference from those who may buy high end designer clothes, and those who stick to shopping on the street, whether that is down to choice or affordability.

Generally, the rule of thumb throughout the fashion world is that if it is on the catwalk now, then you can expect to see it in the shops in six months’ time. We took a look at some of the most common trends that appeared on catwalks throughout the summer, and how men can expect to see them translated into everyday fashion when Spring/Summer 2013 rolls around.


Bold and Brash

Bright colours were the order of the day for many designers, with shocking red raincoats and borderline luminous orange and yellow trousers.

While this look is not going to be for everyone, it is perhaps the nearest that catwalk couture got to showing us something that will be massive around the world in 2013.

Statement suits for men are set to be massive next year, and while you shouldn’t expect to see your boss rocking up to work in some bright blue tailoring there will definitely be plenty of it built into casual looks. The rise of chinos throughout 2012 has proven to many men that they are more than comfortable in wearing bright colours downstairs, so there can be no question that this is the natural progression.

As well as the statement suit itself, just wearing the blazer and putting a new twist on a look by wearing shorts and formal shoes, for example, is set to be another huge trend.

Vintage Chic

The catwalks have been full of vintage inspired prints and patterns in 2012, and this will manifest itself in the continuation of vintage trends throughout 2013 and beyond. Of course, the best thing to do for an authentic vintage look is to diligently shop the thrift stores and find things that are 20 to 30 years old.

If you are looking for newer styles, you can easily identify the vintage trends in stores, from distressed jeans to heritage blazers, even down to the quirky fashion scarves and knitted t-shirts.

If you cannot afford catwalk designs that doesn’t have to stop you looking great in the most current styles in 2013!

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