How to Work the Workwear Style in the Office

There is always valley and peaks when it comes to our attitude toward workwear style in the office; for example when we’re just beginning at a new office we tend to put in more effort to look good but that effort tends to relax as we become more comfortable in our positions. However we fail to remember that looking good means feeling good; it opens us up to respect, trust and other personal perks that become the opposite of limited in out workwear style. Would you trust an important project to that man who just walked in wearing his pyjamas or that gentleman wearing a dashing pinstripe suit – exactly. This doesn’t answer the question about how to work the workwear style, but tips are abundant and we’ve compiled a few of the really good ones; the question is motivating yourself to what to look good first and foremost.


The Shirt and Tie Combo

The American workwear style has really been in the spotlight as of late due in no small way to the immense popularity of a show called Mad Men. One of the best tips divulged by the productions costume designer was surprisingly tame; overcompensate with your shirt and tie combinations. With bright colour combinations on the shirt and tie regiment, you’ll stand out but you should be comfortable with receiving a lot of attention; most of the ideas surrounding workwear style are going to be differentiating yourself from the rest. The tie plays the centrepiece of the entire thing and if you truly want to make the tie the anchor of your interesting look, then consider that the wool tie is definitely back in and few people realise this.

The Subtle Difference

Now we’re going to take a second to delve into the more subtle changes you can make to your workwear style. Vintage shirts often come with interesting collars and unique collars are more than enough to make you stand out of your suit and in a crowd. Remember that the safest bet right now is the spread collar with is replacing the print collar in a very big way. While we’re on the subject of subtlety, consider a pocket square to match your outfit and believe me when I say the little details are what matter; some suits even come with a second pocket which is not only unique but very practical too. Your socks may seem like a throwaway subject, but if you’re opting for neutral tones on your suit, your socks are just begging for colour and any other workwear style blog will tell you the same.

Wear Confidence

Once you’ve kitted yourself out from the shirt to the tie to the socks, the only thing left to put on is a confident face. You could wear a Rajah’s turban and with enough confidence, not a single person will second guess you but looking good to yourself is going to cultivate that confidence more readily. Workwear style may seem like a bore or even a laborious effort on a daily basis, but the great thing about suits is that they have mileage; train your confidence to be just as stout.

Eugene Calvini is writer and business owner who feels confident wearing workwear with style and sophistication; he enjoys sharing his fashion tip with the internet.

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