How to Wear Tights

Wearing tights might sound like an easy task. After all, you rocked the look as a child, so it should be easier as an adult. The problem is that if you wear the same thing you did as a kid, you might look more like Lady Gaga and less like a professional woman. Designers keep adding new styles and patterns, making it even harder to decode the mystery of how to wear the accessory. Before you grab the first pair that catches your eye, you should think about how you want to draw your look together.

Color is Key

Black is the best color for a beginner because you don’t need to worry about matching the tights to your outfit. The black color serves as a neutral with brightly colored accessories. You can add a pair of bright red heels without worrying that your legs will overwhelm your shoes. If you want to follow one of the hottest trends, choose a patterned pair. Something as simple as a tiny herringbone pattern can completely change the way your outfit looks.

Working with Patterns

Patterns are an easy way to update your favorite outfit, but you must know how to wear the patterns the right way. Far too many women think that any pattern is a good pattern, and they wear the tights with dozens of different outfits. While the look can sometimes work, it only works if you choose the right pattern. Smaller patterns are generally better than larger patterns because you can wear the pair with a variety of clothing. The larger the pattern is, the more it detracts from your other accessories. If you do pick a larger pattern, make sure that you tone down your accessories.


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Avoid Looking Like a Child

When you wear a pair, you risk looking like a child. However, there are a few things that you can do to avoid that from happening. The first thing is to pick a color that acts as either a neutral or the focus of your outfit. If you wear lime green on your legs, you should go neutral with the rest of your outfit. If you pick a neutral pair like black or brown, you can have more fun with your clothing and accessories. Once you pick a color, stick to that color. Two-tone pairs that feature a different color on each leg will only make you look like you’re wearing a Halloween costume. When choosing a color, make sure that you avoid white and cream colors. Those shades are best suited for children and brides.

You should also think about price when buying a pair of tights. While some designers make great pairs for less than $20, you might find some pairs retailing for $50 or more. The only thing you can do is look for the best pair that you can afford. Higher quality fabrics won’t stretch or lose elasticity, and the higher priced pairs hold up well to frequent washings. The last thing you want is to spend a large amount of money on something that you can only wear a few times. When you find the right pair at the right price, you will have something that you can wear for years to come.

Maggie Smith is a freelance writer and an amateur fashion designer of leggings.

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