How to Wear the Emerging Trends in Men’s Tailoring

This article explores many of the emerging trends in men’s tailoring, giving advice on how they can be worn as they become more popular over the next 12 months.

Time for a Change

While the last few years have seen a huge shift in the way men’s fashion in general is produced, marketed, and worn, one key component of men’s style that seems to have missed out is tailoring. That is, until now. Autumn/Winter 2012 collections, as well as indications for Spring/Summer 2013, show that tailoring is about to undergo its own mini revolution.

Some of the emerging tailoring trends are to be expected and not particularly controversial, while others will blow your mind. We looked at some examples.

Double Breasted Jackets

With vintage style becoming so popular among men in 2012, it is only natural that double-breasted tailored jackets find their way back into men’s wardrobes. While a patterned jacket with skinny jeans and shoes looks great, the true re-emergence of this essential piece will be seen in tailoring itself.

The double-breasted jacket will become an essential element of the two and three piece suit over the coming months, and see men everywhere rushing to look like an 80’s yuppie once more.

Statement Suits

Several fashion bloggers and critics have said that the emergence of the men’s statement suit is going to change attitudes towards business attire around the world. We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that we will soon see the contestants sporting orange and yellow suits on The Apprentice anytime soon, but change is definitely coming.

Over the next year, pick a statement suit with the intention of wearing it with a graphic t-shirt and stylish plimsolls. The boss probably won’t be too impressed if you turn up in an electric blue number for an important presentation. Keep the statement suit for the next office casual Friday, and see what kind of reaction it receives.

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Tailored Shorts

Okay, so we know that tailored shorts have been huge this year, but we’re talking now about shorts worn with a suit, rather than denim or linen ones worn casually.

For us, this is another that is perhaps best left until casual Friday, although you will need to get over the shock of wearing tailored shorts while still sporting your black socks and formal footwear if you are going to pull it off.

The Wider Details

Tailoring has been targeted towards slim and skinny guys for far too long. The next year will see the reintegration of wider ties, wider lapels, and a more generous cut of tailored shirt, so that men of all sizes can look relevant and stylish in their tailoring.

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