How To Take Care Of Leather Cowboy Boots

bootsQuality cowboy boots are made of the best leather. Therefore, they must be cleaned and conditioned regularly to look great at all times. To care for them properly, you must understand that leather requires occasional attention to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. And you have to be very careful about the cleaners and oils you use to keep your leather boots soft and supple. With the proper care, your cowboy boots will last a long time!


Cowboys are rugged and their boots are made to get dirty. That is why they are made of durable leather. Cleaning your boots regularly will help to restore the luster of the material and keep the leather in pristine condition. Using a damp cloth, wipe dust and dried dirt from the boots. Avoid putting your cowboy boots near a heater; extreme temperature will damage the leather. Allow them plenty of time to air dry instead.


Conditioning your cowboy boots will keep the leather soft and supple. You can do this by purchasing a cream made specifically for leather. Never use wax products or saddle soap, as it can damage the finish on your boots as well as any intricate design that may be dyed into the leather. Cowboy boots have very distinctive western designs that you want to preserve when conditionings not ruin. After you apply conditioner, allow your boots to dry completely. Once the conditioner has dried, buff it out with a soft cloth. This will give your boots a lustrous shine, making them appear as good as new.

Protective Sprays

Contrary to popular belief, spraying your boots with water or stain repellent, like Gard-More, is not the same as conditioning. Protective sprays act as a protective barrier against animal wastes, salt and repeated wetting. It can also prevent stains on extremely light-colored leather. When using protective sprays, it’s important you only spray your boots during winter boots. This is the time when they are the most susceptible to water or salt. Always avoid using sprays that contain silicone or petroleum because they will break the leather down over time.


You should store leather cowboy boots in a location that is not subject to drastic changes in temperature. As I previously mentioned, extreme heat can ruin leather, as can extreme cold temperatures. Also, avoid placing your boots in direct sunlight. This will protect the bold colors and intricate design. When possible, store your boots in the box you purchased them in.

With just a little TLC your leather cowboy boots will last for decades. Why not protect your investment?

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